Herbalife Ltd. Tries To Obtain Guinness World Records Achievement

Herbalife Ltd. Tries To Obtain Guinness World Records Achievement

Herbalife announced that its intention to include its name in the Guinness World Records as part of its 35th anniversary celebration and endeavor to promote an active and healthy life.

According to Herbalife, it will attempt to achieve a record for having the largest number of participants in a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout in 24 hours, which will take place in multiple venues.

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The global nutrition company scheduled the workout for the Guinness World Records on March 7 at 9:00 in the morning, local time in cities across the globe.

Herbalife’s independent distributors and customers along with their friends and family around the world are expected to join the activity.

According to the company, its distributors will be hosting workouts at local Herbalife nutrition clubs, parks, and public meeting places across 82 countries worldwide.

Herbalife aims to increase awareness on the importance of active lifestyle

In a statement, Herbalife Chairman and CEO Michael Johnson said the company’s “attempt to set a Guinness World Records achievement was designed to raise awareness about the importance of living a fit and active lifestyle.”

According to him, the management of the company is hoping that the activity would inspire communities worldwide to exercise and to provide their bodies with nutrition.

“This world record attempt demonstrates our commitment to bold initiatives that inspire others to improve their lives through working out and eating right,” said Johnson.

Activity will also serve as fundraiser

According to the company, the activity will also serve as a global fundraiser for the Herbalife Family Foundation and the Casa Herbalife Program.

Both organizations provide funding and support for more than 100 health and nutrition programs for at-risk and low-income children in under-served regions worldwide.

Herbalife said its flagship workout will be held at its LA Live Office in Los Angeles, California. Samantha Clayton, director of fitness education at Herbalife will lead a workout with more than 3,000 participants at Nokia Plaza in Los Angeles.

A separate report indicated that Herbalife misled distributors regarding its compensation plan. Christine Richard of Orion Research found that some of the previous statements of the company’s management maybe considered misleading.

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