Google’s Page Assures Employees of His Health as Rumors Persist


Google's Page Assures Employees of His Health as Rumors Persist

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) CEO and co-founder, Larry Page sent a letter employees to assure them that his health is fine stating, “there is nothing seriously wrong.”

Larry Page  missed the annual general meeting, held Thursday June 21st,. The company reported that reason he could not attend the meeting along with other two forthcoming crucial events was that he had lost his voice. This did not go over well with corporate governance experts who insisted that Google should be laying out the details of his health. Securities laws require publicly held companies to disclose material information that could affect investors’ decision to acquire or sell shares.

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Additionally, lack of details surrounding the matter has caused speculation on Wall Street; with some thinking that Page may have a serious medical condition.  Business Insider speaks of Page’s current condition saying, “Google raised a lot of eyebrows from Wall Street investors, some of which saw parallels between the limited disclosure of Page’s health and Apple’s first hints about the health of former CEO Steve Jobs.”

JPMorgan & Co. Ltd (NYSE:JPM) analyst Doug Anmuth expressed his concern over the company’s announcement that Page would miss the second quarter call, which is only a few weeks away.

Nonetheless, he could not assure investor confidence over the matter.  Anmuth also highlighted that Mr. Page, who has regularly posted links on Google+ has not posted anything on his page since late May.

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