New Google Search Console Update Enters Beta

New Google Search Console Update Enters Beta
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Google will soon launch a new Google Search Console that is currently in beta testing, with an expected rollout to all webmasters in the near future.

Google Search Console

The Google Search console is being completely rebuilt to provide more information over webmaster. Currently, data is only available for the last 3 months in the console, but the update will enable interested parties to look at their website’s performance from the past 7 days, 28 days, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, or even the full history of the site. The ability to view custom durations is also to be included in the new Google Search Console update.

The Google Search Console will also include the ability to compare data between selected date ranges, as is currently possible with Google Analytics. You’ll now be able to check your site’s performance by adding new queries, pages, devices, and countries.

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The update also has important implications for Search Engine Optimization, allowing people to use Google Search Console in order to check which keywords have received the most attention in terms of impressions and clicks, as well as the average position and click-through rate (CTR).

The Google Search Console also gives the ability for webmasters to look at a report on specific pages in order to understand how they perform over time. Understanding which types of pages are successful is important to continue to grow a website, so this update to the console is especially significant as it gives greater insight into the top-performing parts of a website.

The update to the Google Search Console will also give deeper insights through the index coverage tab, allowing users to better understand both indexed and non-indexed pages and how they perform over time. The new update provides all the information on indexed and excluded pages as well as the reason for exclusion, the exact URLs of the pages that have issues, and many more features.

Additionally, there is a new performance metric. Previously, you were only able to check the performance of your website as a whole but can now look at the performance of images and videos separately, giving webmasters a better idea of the media aspects that drive traffic.

Update Release

As mentioned above, the Google Search console is currently in beta, with emails being sent to users to test and send feedback on the current iteration. The changes will likely be rolled out soon to the rest of webmasters, giving website manages the ability to get a better look at their pages’ performance and statistics.

While little is known about the specifics of Google’s search algorithms, there’s a whole field dedicated to optimizing pages for better rankings. Search Engine Optimizers should have access to more information about the performance of their sites which will allow them to work to receive a higher position in the Google search results.

The update to the Google Search Console is just the most recent in a series of app updates, with the recent release of a Google Flights update allowing travelers to get a better sense of flight delays using the program’s machine learning, as well as information regarding the amenities of economy class for multiple major airlines.

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