Google Opens Analytics Content Experiements For Everyone

Google Opens Analytics Content Experiements For Everyone
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Google Opens Analytics Content Experiements For Everyone

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Last June, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) introduced Google Analytics Content Experiments to a small and select group of website owners. This feature allows bloggers and website curators to try out different layouts, content, and other designs before making them public. On Tuesday, Google opened up this amazing feature to everyone.

In addition to the public rollout, Google offers extra support for relative URLs. This allows website owners to test out experiments across several domains and  complex pages.

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Another useful feature they added is the ability to copy experiments, which enables website owners to run additional experiments after the first one is finished. Content experiments also allow new users to start with the easy set-up wizard. This neat features takes the step-by-step approach, while utilizing analytics tags that already exist. This allows for one code change for the original page. Once all the data is collected, this experiment will report the best performing page, which saves webmasters time.

These new features should enhance the user experience for Google Analytics Content, while providing more features that makes it easier to improve website content.  Google Analytics already has a wealth of tools and features, including social media reports, advertising analytics, conversion suite, mobile analytics, content analytics, and various analysis tools.  They also offer premium tools and twenty-four/seven support for a price. Many popular companies use the premium service including Formspring, Travelocity, and TransUnion.

It’s clear that Google is one of the few tech companies today who is trying to make a big impact in the future of web publishing.  It’s also nice to know, they offer a wide arrange of services, some free and some paid, to ensure that everyone has a chance to improve their website.

According to the official Google Analytics blog, they are excited to merge the content testing features with their analytics program, so they can decide what layouts work best for them, as well as measure goals and make smart decisions that will improve website viewership.

Although it’s not really clear how much Google has an influence in the website business market, it’s pretty obvious that they’re making quite a name for themselves in the sector of business.  I think it’s safe to predict that Google will continually improve their analytics service over time. Who knows what they will be doing six months from now, but I predict they will find a smaller segment to dominate in the near future.

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