Google India Lights Up A Candle In Memory of The Delhi Braveheart

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Google India Lights Up A Candle In Memory of The Delhi Braveheart

The search engine giant – Google’s India page displays a candle. With this, Google pays a tribute to the New Delhi braveheart who fought a brave battle for her life.

The homepage of Google India shows a simple candle and on hovering a mouse it says “In memory of the Delhi braveheart”.

This 23 year old woman died after being beaten and gangraped on a public transport bus in New Delhi. She was cremated on Sunday. Thousands of protesters around the country demanded protection of women from sexual violence. There are reports that the protesters also turned violent to demand justice.

She was taken to Singapore for treatment after being treated at a hospital in New Delhi. She suffered from multiple organ failures and brain injuries but the treatment at Singapore couldn’t even save her life. She died on Saturday.

Six suspects were charged with murder after her death. The incident occurred when she and her male friend were returning from the cinema where six men on a bus beat them with metal rods and raped the woman. Her friend survived but because of several injuries, she could not survive.

With growing number of Internet users around the country, the web plays a key role in spreading awareness. Google is doing what it can, but India surely needs stricter laws and faster court trials to solve such cases.

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