Google Inc Opens Up First Google Store In London

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Google just opened up the first ever Google Shop in London. The new shop resides inside Currys PC World; it will feature a wide range of Google products, including Android phones, tablets, Chromebooks and the Chromecast.

The Google Shop won’t just sell products. It will also offer a variety of services, including tutorials and demos to help consumers make the most of Google’s products. The tech giant also has plans to open up more shops in Fulham and Thurrock. This shop is Google’s first physical location retail store. Google previously opened up a pop-up shop called Chromezone in the same location and an Androidland store in Australia.

Google launches its first retail store

Google isn’t the only tech giant to open up physical stores. Apple has brick-and-mortar locations throughout the world. Microsoft also has stores in various locations. More internet companies are launching physical stores to increase revenues and strengthen their presence. Amazon my launch its first retail store in New York City later this year.

Google’s U.K. marketing director, James Elias, said they were excited to launch the store. They hope the new store will give people a place to try out new gadgets, experiment with them and learn more about the products. The store offers a unique experience.

Highlights of Google’s new store

The shop will also offer fun activities for children, most notably the “Virtual Space Camps,” which teach young people the very basics of coding. Teachers can check out open house events that are designed to let them try out new educational tools.

The new store includes new features people of all ages can appreciate. There is a large screen called a Portal, and it enables people to “explore” the world via Google Earth. Then there is the Chromecast Pod for customers who want to watch YouTube or movies on Google Play. Last, but certainly not least, the store includes a Doodle Wall for customers to paint their version of the Google logo.

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