Google (GOOG) Moving In On Amazon (AMZN) Turf

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Google (GOOG) Moving In On Amazon (AMZN) Turf

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) has been involved for some time in the online shopping world. The company’s shopping platform is rolling out a trusted seller badge to increase the flow of users into the service and increase the revenue garnered from the experience.

Google is trying to move in on the turf of companies like Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) and eBay Inc. (NASDAQ:EBAY). By attempting to exercise control in online commerce Google is continuing its strategy of attempting to corner every online market. The strategy has met with some success, with Google leveraging its incumbent search business to gain market share everywhere else.

The new program has been running as a pilot for about 9 months and Google is now going to roll it out to every single store. Google records user experience at each individual store and use that to generate report card on things like shipping and other features of trustworthiness.

If an online store meets Google’s standards they will be awarded a badge on search results that claims them as trusted stores. It is designed to increase confidence in lesser known online stores by lending the Google brand to them.

The system works, if the testimonials in Google’s blog revealing the plan are to be believed. Stores recorded increases in the amount of purchases made by visitors to their platforms and an increase in the average value of the purchases made.

This seems to be a solid step forward for Google’s shopping platform. The platform is very young, having only been introduced at the end of may, and seems a concerted attempt by the tech company to reach into online retail as a source of valuable revenue.

This is Google’s first true and clear attempt to get involved in the online shopping business. The company is in the process of tying together all of its services and align them with users’ online accounts or their accounts in the chrome browser or their Android device.

Google are not the only company attempting to extend its platform. Amazon Inc., having started in online shopping, transitioned to ebook selling and then to Tablet selling. Amazon’s tablets are used with Amazon’s prime services that sell media content directly competing with Google’s services.

The battle of the online platforms is extending and Google is by far the biggest player. Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) is the only firm that seems happy to limit its services to its core businesses.

Google shopping is coming, Amazon won’t exactly be shaking from the announcement of the trusted stores badge but it will be keeping an eye out for future developments.

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