Google Celebrates Pakistan’s Independence Day With A Doodle

Google Celebrates Pakistan’s Independence Day With A Doodle
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Google has a history of  linking its delightful doodles with cultural and social events across the globe. Following last year’s tradition, the brand new doodle celebrates Pakistan’s 65th Independence day (14th August).  The brand new doodle symoblizes Pakistan’s culture and heritage, as seen below.

Google Celebrates Pakistan's Independence Day With A Doodle

The artistic combo of the words ‘Google’ into the famous truck art of Pakistan is both innovative and ethnic at the same time.  Truck art and painting is a native form of art in Pakistan, where trucks are decorated with flourishing colors and intricate designs that can be floral, abstract, geometrical or pictorial. The trucks are adorned with chains and chimes that are possibly represented with the purple baubles hanging onto the bottom.

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Last year’s doodle was simpler, but more elegant, with a picture of Pakistan’s national minaret and an image from the green flag. Pakistan has come in the limelight of the world’s sociopolitical scenario, largely because of Afghan war and its after effects. The country’s population is mostly Muslim with Hindu, Sikh, and Christian minorities inhabiting various cities. Pakistan is famous for accomplishments in international sports like Cricket, Hockey, and Squash. The country has a beautiful northern landscape that used to be a hotspot for tourism before insurgence in tribal areas began.

The 14th of August marks the day when Indian subcontinent was freed from British rule and two separate states were founded, i.e. Pakistan and India. India celebrates its independence on the 15th of August, and we are expecting a creative doodle to commemorate these celebrations  as well. Meanwhile Happy Independence Day to all Pakistanis!

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