Google Adds “Free For Print Subscribers” Option For Play Magazines

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Google Adds “Free For Print Subscribers” Option For Play Magazines

This is big news for people who prefer to read digital versions of their favorite magazines on their mobile phones and tablets. Google has recently enabled paper magazine subscribers to transfer their subscriptions to the cloud, this means subscribers can read the magazines right on their tablets and mobile phones, without paying for the subscription again.

When Google launched Play magazines, users who were already subscribers to the paper magazine were disappointed, as there was no way to grab a free digital copy of the subscription. These users were required to pay for the subscription again if they wanted to read the digital version on their mobile device. Well, not anymore.

Here’s what Google has to say:

If you already subscribe to a magazine title (print or digital), you may be eligible for a free subscription to its digital counterpart through Google Play. Availability of magazines offered free to print subscribers is solely at the discretion of the publisher.

To check if this is the case, launch Google Play and tap on Subscribe. If you are able to see an option called “Free for print subscribers”, then congratulations, the magazine is available for free. This method won’t work on the web, you must use your Android phone or tablet and launch Google Play Store app to do this.

The only disappointing part is that this feature is valid for the US only. Google says that they are working on making this feature for other countries  as well as the web.

(Via: Android Police)

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