Global Equity Best And Worst Performers: SocGen

Global Equity Best And Worst Performers: SocGen

Societe Generale Global Quantitative Research analyst Andrew Lapthorne provides us with an overview of the global equity markets. We take a look at the best and worst performers across selected parameters detailed in this report.

Global Equity Best And Worst Performers: SocGen

Global equity markets overview

(Figures in parenthesis indicate negative values)

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Item Detail Best Worst
World Market Absolute Performance % YTD Japan 35.4% Emerging Markets (4.5%)
Emerging Markets Absolute Performance % YTD EM Asia (1.5%) EM Latin America (11.5%)
Global Sectors Absolute Performance % YTD Healthcare 23.3% Basic Matls (9.9%)
Sectoral Performance YTD Oil & Gas BD 71.2% KO (14.2%)
Sectoral Performance YTD Basic Materials JP 30.2% CN (29.5%)
Sectoral Performance YTD Industrials JP 30.2% RS (94.3%)
Sectoral Performance YTD Consumer Goods JP 41.6% KO (4.3%)
Sectoral Performance YTD Health Care CN 89.4% KO (15.8%)
Sectoral Performance YTD Consumer Services IT 40.3% CH (24.6%)
Sectoral Performance YTD Telecom JP 60.9% IT (8.4%)
Sectoral Performance YTD Utilities FR 37.1% RS (40.6%)
Sectoral Performance YTD Financials JP 38.0% IN (23.4%)
Sectoral Performance YTD Technology HK 52.3% BR (10.4%)
Global PE Ratio Aggregates 2014e BRIC 8.2 Pacific ex-Japan 13.6
Global Regional Earnings Growth 2014e Europe ex. UK 16.1% BRIC 8.1%
Global Regional Price/Book Value 2014e BRIC 1.1 Europe 1.5
World Indices Correlation MSCI World U$ S&P 500 Composite 0.97 TOPIX Mothers 0.32

Notes for global equity markets:

1. World Market: In the table above Japan puts up the best YTD show of 35.4%, yet its performance over 3 months is the worst at (-0.6%) primarily because of the impact of the imposition of additional sales tax by the Japanese government.

2. Emerging Markets: Of the emerging market indices, the Brazilian Bovespa index was the worst off YTD (-13.3%) while the South African (FTSE/JSE All Shares) index performed the best (+11.9%).

3. Global Sectors: Basic Materials (-9.9%) was down chiefly because of the poor performance of sub-sectors Mining (-27.5%), and Industrial Metals & Mining (-12.5%).

4. Mining was down in CH (-34.8%), IN (-29.8%), CN (-41.3%) and US (-27.5%) YTD.

5. Metals and Mining was down in the UK (-46.2%), FR (-27.5%), IN (-22.4%) and CN (-18.3%) YTD.

6. Sectoral Performance YTD (Financials): The striking underperformance out of India straddles all its sub-sectors – the red ink here is way beyond that seen in any other country.

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