George Clooney Not Interested In Tweeting Or Twitter Inc (TWTR)

George Clooney Not Interested In Tweeting Or Twitter Inc (TWTR)

George Clooney has long been known as a handsome leading man wIth a wicked sense of humor. He also has a reputation as something of a perfectionist, and that apparently extends to social media. In an interview with Variety yesterday to promote his new movie The Monuments Men, George Clooney reiterated his general disdain for for tweeting and Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR).

Clooney used a drunken night out on the town with buddies Matt Damon and Brad Pitt to exemplify his feelings about Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR). “Just because I like to have a drink at night, I could easily say something stupid, and I also don’t think you need to be that available. I don’t see Matt (Damon) or Brad (Pitt) or myself wanting to get our thoughts out in a 140-character-thing at 3 in the morning.”

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George Clooney’s earlier statements on tweeting

The debonair bachelor has also made his feelings about tweeting very clear in the past. In an interview for Esquire back in November of last year, Clooney outlined his main problem with Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR). “I mean, when you see, like, Ashton Kutcher coming out going, you know, ‘Everybody leave Joe Paterno alone,’ or whatever he said, you just go, ‘Fifteen minutes longer and a thought process and probably you wouldn’t have done that.'”

Clloney also highlighted the potentially serious consequences of over-tweeting or mis-tweeting in the Esquire interview.”You go to sleep [after a drunken tweet], and you wake up in the morning and your career is over. Or you’re an asshole. Or all the things you might think in the quiet of your drunken evening are suddenly blasted around the entire world before you wake up.”

Position on Twitter reflects Clooney’s perfectionist tendencies

A number of entertainment-industry pundits have pointed out that Clooney’s stance against Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR), and especially his painting of nightmare tweeting scenarios, seem to reflect the actor’s well-known perfectionist tendencies. The logical rebuttal to his argument is, of course, that the rest of us feel that an occasional foolish tweet is more endearing than career-threatening, and that we like our stars to show their human side once in a while. So, go ahead, George, give us a tweet. We promise we’ll forgive you if a naughty word slips in once in a while…in fact, we’ll love you all the more for it.

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