Geoffrey Batt: Iraqis Take the Pepsi Challenge

Geoffrey Batt: Iraqis Take the Pepsi Challenge

Geoffrey Batt presenting “Take the Pepsi Challenge” at the 8th Annual Value Investing Congress.

Geoffrey Batt: Iraqis Take the Pepsi Challenge

Geoffrey Batt of Euphrates Advisors will be in fifth at Value Investing Congress, with his presentation titled: Iraqis Take the Pepsi Challenge

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Geoffrey Batt has been investing on the Iraq Stock Exchange since January 2008. In April 2010, Mr. Batt founded Euphrates Advisors.

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Geoffrey Batt Live Coverage

2:30 PM EST: Geoffrey Batt starts off presentation by comparing the situation of Iraq to post-war Russia in 1990. He then moves on to the condition of Korea in the 1960-70s.

2:35 PM: Batt then draws comparsion with Germany after World War II and Hong Kong in the 1960s. He says that the common theme among all these countries is that they recovered from chaotic conditions and became attractive investment opportunities.

2:45 PM: Batt says that Iraq is currently in the position to mimic the growth of these examples. He says that in order for equity markets to show growth, a country needs macroeconomic stability, scalable economic growth and low valuation/low correlations. Iraq at present has all of these in place.

2:50 PM: Iraq is in an early stage of a credit cycle. Batt says that even if Iraq improves to bad from a terrible state, the markets will boom as foreign investments surge. He said that Iraq can rival Saudi Arabia for the place of top oil producer.

2:55 PM: Batt discusses long idea Iraqi distributor of PepsiCo, Inc. (NYSE:PEP) soft drinks, Baghdad Soft Drinks.

3:00 PM: Batt compares Mexico with Iraq, says that the former has much higher rate of violence but it is more expensive to own soft drink companies there.

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