Galaxy Note 8: The Ultimate Specs Wish List

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Samsung certainly has a massive job on its hands with the Galaxy Note 8, as the corporation must recover from probably the most disastrous smartphone release in the entire history of mobile devices. The frequently exploding Galaxy Note 7 has been nothing short of a minor tragedy for the Korean corporation, and it is perhaps unsurprising that many believe that Samsung would respond by completely scrapping the Galaxy Note series.

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Galaxy Note 8 Specs Wish List

However, recent reports have indicated that Samsung will indeed preserve the Galaxy Note range by releasing a Galaxy Note 8 device in 2017. In order to attract consumers back to this series, Samsung will need to seriously up the ante. This means that we can legitimately dream about the features that could be included in the Galaxy Note 8, so here is the ultimate wish list for this important phablet release.

Galaxy Note 8 – Design

The design of the Galaxy Note 8 may not diverge too greatly from previous devices in the series. But with Apple expected to consider removing bezels from the iPhone 8, it would make sense for Samsung to produce at least one model featuring an edge-to-edge display.

4K resolution

In addition, Samsung would be advised to include a 4K resolution display in the Galaxy Note 8. It seems that this design element has been linked with the phablet series for several years by now, yet the Korean manufacturer has yet to bow to consumer pressure. The Galaxy Note 8 would be the ideal device to deliver this innovation, considering the good will that Samsung must generate.

Display size

Samsung could consider increasing the display size of the Galaxy Note 8, although if the bezels are eliminated this would also enable the corporation to slim down the size of the device while retaining the same screen size. Nonetheless, either of these approaches would be attractive to consumers, but it would be particularly appealing were Samsung to increase the display size.

RAM and internal storage

The Galaxy Note 8 should feature improved RAM and storage, with 6GB of internal memory anticipated in some quarters. Hopefully it will be possible to increase internal storage via micro SD, but Samsung should also guarantee at least 128GB of internal storage as a base level for the device.

Internal Mechanics

Hopefully Samsung will fit the most recent Snapdragon or Exynos chipset in the device, which when coupled with the outstanding level of RAM being linked with the Galaxy Note 8 should result in an extremely speedy handset.


Samsung will probably upgrade the camera in the Galaxy Note 8, but it would be wonderful to see the Korean electronics giant really push the boat out and include some outstanding technology in this device. In particular, the megapixel rating of the camera in the Galaxy Note 8 could be pushed as high as 30 megapixels, and this figure has even been quoted in some reports. Additionally, there is pressure on Samsung to compete with Apple in the dual-lens niche.

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It has also emerged that Samsung has applied for a patent indicating that the Korean company is working on new UI technology for the Galaxy Note 8 or another similar device. Since this information came to light, it has been suggested that Samsung will replace the user interface of the camera for the Galaxy Note 8 generation. This will center around the introduction of new touchscreen gestures, making zooming in and out more user- friendly for consumers.

AI assistant

Another area where Samsung is ready to innovate in 2017 is the area of AI assistance. There is no doubt that artificial intelligence is becoming more important, with numerous major corporations investing in artificial intelligence technology. And Samsung has been working hard behind the scenes on developing a new AI assistant similar to that of Apple’s Siri, indeed working with the original creators of that technology.

However, Bixby, as it has been codenamed, is yet to be confirmed for the Galaxy Note 8, with Samsung stating that it will debut in the Galaxy S8. However, it does seem certain that this AI device will also play a role in the Galaxy Note 8.

According to reports, the AI assistance will combine conversational language with optimized datasets in order to retrieve results and answers with great efficiency. It is also expected to respond to voice commands and enable users to dictate messages.


The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has already published a patent application from Samsung indicating that the corporation is toying with the idea of seriously upgrading this stylus in future mobile releases. This could begin with the Galaxy Note 8, with the phablet benefiting from technology which includes a speaker within the S-Pen. This technology remains a little mysterious at the moment, but it is one of the more interesting innovations being linked with the Galaxy Note 8.


Finally, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the most critical aspect of the Galaxy Note 8 will be delivering a battery that is significantly more stable than in the previous generation. The media will be primed and ready for any problems whatsoever with the reliability of the Galaxy Note 8, and therefore Samsung simply must deliver a device with no teething troubles. Any repeat of anything remotely approaching the Galaxy Note 7 exploding disaster will pretty much sound the death knell for this device range.

With this in mind, there have been reports that Samsung is considering collaborating with LG for the battery included in the Note 8. LG Chem, a battery business arm of LG Group, has seemingly been in talks with Samsung regarding building batteries for future products from the Korean manufacturer, and this will begin with the Galaxy Note 8.

This could form part of a wider understanding between the two Korean companies, with LG Display having also been recruited by Samsung to produce LCD displays for its range of television sets. Apple has also been rumored to have sought assistance from LG Display in order to deliver OLED in the iPhone 8.

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