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Galaxy Note 8 And iPhone 8 Plus: Phablets’ Wish List

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The two big phablet releases of next year will be the replacement for the exploding Galaxy Note 7, the Galaxy Note 8, and Apple’s market-leading iPhone 8 Plus. Both of these phablet contenders will have to be particularly impressive if they are to attract consumers in what is a retracting mobile niche. So here is a rundown of everything we’d like to see Apple and Samsung included in these critical devices.

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Galaxy Note 8 – AI assistant

This seems a desire for the Samsung phablet which is pretty likely to come to fruition. There have already been reports that Samsung is looking to include an AI assistant in the Galaxy Note 8, having previously purchased the Viv Labs startup founded by creators of the Apple AI system Siri. The AI assistant will deliver functionality related to voice commands, and will be very welcome with Android users.

Powerful camera

It seems extremely likely that Samsung will significantly upgrade the camera included in the Galaxy Note 8, with a possible 30-megapixel rating being linked with the phablet. This would be a camera of pretty mind-boggling quality for a mobile device, and it would certainly set tongues wagging and heighten anticipation for the handset. Samsung s also likely to ensure that this snapper features a dual-lens, improving the photographic capabilities of the device still further.

S Pen upgrade

Reports have been rife of a patent application from Samsung demonstrating a stylus with integrated speaker. “The invention covers the main body that provides an accommodation space, a speaker module that outputs sound, and an accessory device configured to be accommodated in the housing space,” so the patent application notes. This sounds like a fascinating innovation, and one that could very well see the light of day when the Galaxy Note 8 is released.

4K resolution

Samsung mobiles have been linked with 4K resolution for some time, but as of yet the Korean corporation has yet to deliver this ultra-high definition technology. The Galaxy Note 8 could be the handset which finally provides Samsung followers with a 4K mobile for the first time.

Edge-to-edge design

Bezels are becoming increasingly passé in mobile design, and both Apple and Samsung have been linked with bezel-free designs. Certainly, Samsung’s television sets now have extremely slim bezels, reflecting the trend for these to be slimmed down significantly. The Galaxy Note 8 could thus become the first edge-to-edge mobile device in Samsung history.

Exynos in the United States

Samsung has always delivered its proprietary Exynos technology in the East Asian marketplace, yet has been reluctant to utilize its own processors in the United States marketplace. While the Snapdragon is a perfectly capable performer, many believe that the Western market is actually receiving a slightly inferior version of the Galaxy Note range. Many US fans of Samsung would love to see this rectified with the Galaxy Note 8, but it must be said in mitigation that Samsung is likely to continue with its existing policy.

iphone 8 concept with 8 plus
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iPhone 8 Plus design

Apple has been conservative with recent iPhone designs, and this is rather disappointing considering the fact that the corporation has made his name by delivering outstanding aesthetics. So we can hope that there is a significant alteration in the physical visage of the iPhone 8 Plus, possibly incorporating a bezel-less design. There have also been suggestions that the iPhone 8 Plus could feature a fully glass body as Apple updates the iPhone concept.

OLED display

There have been murmurings for some time that Apple will shift to OLED technology for the display of the iPhone 8 Plus, with the technology that has proven so popular in the Samsung Galaxy series series offering Apple serious improvements over its existing LCD. There have been infrequent reports from close to the Apple supply chain that the consumer electronics giant is already in talks over OLED, and this could finally emerge when the iPhone 8 Plus is released.

Resolution improvement

It is perhaps too much to expect Apple to upgrade its smartphone range to 4K resolution, but it would not be unreasonable to expect some form of improved resolution. Apple fans would be more than satisfied if the phablet version of the iPhone 8 Plus is quad HD, with a full HD iPhone being released for the first time.

Camera upgrades

Could Apple possibly upgrade the megapixel rating in the iPhone 8 Plus? Probably not. Apple is renowned for being rather conservative with the specs that it includes in iPhone releases, and it is unlikely that the Californian corporation will upgrade the megapixel rating of the iPhone 8 Plus this time round. However, that won’t stop many Apple fans from hoping that the company makes a radical decision in this department.

Battery life

Battery life is a perennial difficulty for the iPhone, with Apple always facing a conundrum between space and charge capacity. However, it has been suggested that the battery will be stacked and laid in such a way as to ensure a larger cell will be included in the iPhone 8 Plus. Coupled with efficiency savings in the accompanying iOS release, this could translate into a meaningful battery life increase for the smartphone.

Quad-core processor

As Apple continues to improve the iPhone smartphone range, it is certain that there will be an improved processor included in the iPhone 8 Plus. Fans of Apple devices will be hoping that the corporation opts for a quad-core unit, which would give the smartphone a particularly powerful foundation when coupled with improved clock speed.

Curved screen

Finally, it is well-known that Apple has patented technology which would enable the corporation to deliver a curved screen display in this next generation. Considering the popularity of this innovation in the Samsung Galaxy range, there is no doubt that Apple fans would love to see the first curved screen iPhone released when the iPhone 8 Plus goes live. Whether Apple will push the boat out for this innovation remains to be seen, but that have been indications recently, at least in terms of rumors, that the manufacturer is looking to diversify its smartphone range in 2017.

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