Galaxy Note 6 To Feature Dual-Camera Technology

Galaxy Note 6 To Feature Dual-Camera Technology
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The Galaxy Note 6 will be an important release for Samsung in 2016, as it attempts to build on the improvement in the Galaxy Note 5. And although it is early days in the development of the smartphone, evidence already exists that suggests Samsung is experimenting with some interesting innovations behind the scenes.

Those who are regular followers of the Korean corporation will already be aware that Samsung has been tinkering with numerous new concepts recently. Perhaps the most prominent of these is a dual-camera mode, and indeed Apple is already being linked with such an innovation when the iPhone 7 is released.

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Critical camera tech

Camera technology is becoming increasingly important for smartphone manufacturers, a trend that has been very much pioneered by Samsung itself. For some years, the world’s largest seller of Android devices has produced smartphones with outstanding camera specifications and performance, and this has led to competitors releasing some powerful devices as well.

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S6, it was notable that the Korean manufacturer placed a particular emphasis on camera technology. Samsung may well be working on an outstanding camera specification for the release of the Galaxy Note 6, realizing that the quality of photographs taken by the device will be essential to the way it is perceived publicly.

Several other new innovations have been linked with the Galaxy Note 6 as well. But what is particularly notable about this smartphone competitor is that the next generation Galaxy Note 6 range could have a shorter development time than previous smartphones in the series.

The Agile development

Samsung has recently adopted the so-called Agile methodology for future device releases, and it is widely expected that this will lead to significantly faster and more efficient development times. This is certainly excellent news considering that Samsung is currently seeking any possible advantage over Apple that it can possibly find. Unquestionably the California-based corporation has dominated the mobile scene over the last couple of years, but Samsung has at least impressed the critical community with its last couple of device releases.

But the usage of the Agile system suggests that the Galaxy Note 6 might arrive much earlier than anticipated. This would also be the case for the Galaxy S7 smartphone, and implies that the usual unveiling of the device at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona may change this year. On the other hand, the fact that the date of the Barcelona confab is earlier than usual in 2016 could see Samsung delay the public release of the Galaxy S7 until at least this date.

However, the Galaxy Note 6 may certainly arrive before its usual release window. Already Samsung has ensured that its device hits the market before the iPhone; a necessity in a marketplace in which Apple creates such buzz and attention. The adoption of the Agile development package may enable Samsung to push the release date of the device forward further still, and the Korean corporation will hope that this translates into a head start in sales that will provide the device with useful momentum.

Aside from the dual-camera set-up, it is also quite probable that Samsung will improve the megapixel rating in the next generation Galaxy Note 6 phablet. Samsung chose to freeze the Galaxy Note 5 at 16-megapixels, but with Apple increasing the iPhone camera by 50 percent in this department, it is possible that Samsung will follow suit this time out.

The Galaxy Note series has become increasingly important for Samsung, after the Galaxy Note 4 received outstanding reviews when it was released. This helped turn a disappointing 2014 around for the consumer electronics giant, and suggested that Samsung could eventually return to its former glory.

Although the Korean company remains a massive player in the consumer electronics niche, and is indeed the biggest seller of the television sets on the planet, the gusto that Samsung once felt towards its market position has perhaps diminished in recent months and years. Apple has romped away at the head of the mobile marketplace, while the Galaxy S series has received something of a lukewarm reception in recent iterations.

New technology to debut

So Samsung has tended to debut new technology in the Galaxy note range, most notably the curved screen variant that we saw launch for the first time in 2014. This has since become a staple part of the Samsung mobile range, and suggest that similar new technology could be debuted in the Galaxy Note 6.

It is suggested that this could include a foldable display, with Samsung having already filed patents related to this technology. Another suggestion is that the Korean company could choose to include a retractable keyboard when the Galaxy Note 6 is released. This could also be a 4K resolution phablet, and indeed this possibility has been increased by the release of a 4K handset by Sony.

So we could be seeing a 4K resolution, dual-camera Galaxy Note 6 sooner in 2016 than anticipated. This must be good news for fans of Android devices.

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