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Should You Buy The Galaxy Note 5 Or Wait For The iPhone 6S Plus?

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Samsung has released the Galaxy Note 5, and now this phablet will attempt to compete with the forthcoming iPhone 6s Plus. It was naturally expected that Apple would release a sequel to last year’s iPhone 6 Plus phablet that was generally well received. But leaks in the last couple of days have certainly indicated that the consumer electronics giant has two devices in the pipeline, with the natural assumption being that one of these is the new phablet.

Should You Buy The Galaxy Note 5 Or Wait For The iPhone 6S Plus?

It is largely the Galaxy Note series that ironically motivated Apple to release a phablet in the first place. This has been a market niche largely dominated by Samsung, and the success that it has enjoyed with its handsets convinced Apple to produce its own. Now the inevitable success of the Apple phablet means that the Galaxy Note series has a new market rival, and one that the Korean corporation is looking to head off at the pass by releasing its device first.

Apple has been such a relentless success story over the last year that any form of bad news for the corporation at all is almost jarring. But the share price of the consumer electronics giant has declined significantly in the last few weeks, as the city remains sceptical about the potential of Apple to achieve revenue growth in the foreseeable future. This has been further compounded by the recent evaluation of the Chinese currency by its own government.

Samsung may have been emboldened by the recent issues that Apple has experienced. But it still has to impress consumers, many of whom will be asking themselves whether to shell out on a Galaxy Note 5 now, or instead wait for the release of the iPhone 6s Plus.

Advantages of the Galaxy Note 5

Deciding which one of the two phablets to purchase will to some extent be based on personal preference. There is no doubt that the Galaxy Note 5 will have advantages over the iPhone 6s Plus, even though we must engage in some guesswork regarding how the Apple flagship phablet will turn out.

The first and perhaps most obvious advantage of the Galaxy Note 5 as a phablet is that Android allows much greater customization than the iOS operating system. Many fans of the Galaxy range point to this as a huge benefit of Android devices in general, and it is certainly an aspect of the operating system that has contributed to its enduring popularity.

Another aspect of the Galaxy Note 5 that has proved to be a huge selling point is the S Pen stylus that Samsung includes with the unit. This has a wide range of functionality attached to it, and is generally considered to be a valuable addition to the Galaxy Note series. Although some reports have suggested that Apple could consider including a stylus with the iPhone 6s Plus, this is not an aspect of mobiles that the consumer electronics giant has favoured previously.

Advantages of the iPhone 6s Plus

Apple already has an ideal image of coolness and street credibility on its side, which has been achieved by its unrivalled design supremacy. The iPhone is undoubtedly the most recognizable and lauded smartphone on the market, and Apple has been widely praised for its outstanding design ravages. There is no doubt that when the iPhone 6s Plus is released that Apple will once again have produced a device that impresses in construction terms.

Additionally, the iPhone series is typically extremely convenient and slink to utilize. Apple doesn’t usually concentrate on packing its devices with impressive specifications, instead ensuring that they carry out tasks with supreme efficiency.

People love using the iPhone series all over the world because of the cachet that it has built up, and as discussed previously in this article it is notable that the iPhone has achieved huge market penetration in China. One would perhaps have expected Samsung to dominate what is effectively its native region, but Apple has made huge strides in East Asia, likely due to the fact that it has the knack of delivering precisely what consumers actually want.


Samsung is renowned for arming its devices with outstanding specifications, and at the Galaxy Note 5 is no exception to this rule. There is little doubt that the iPhone 6s Plus will lag behind the Galaxy Note 5 when it is released, although Apple has always relied on its unique combination of proprietary hardware and software to ensure that it punches above its weight.

The Galaxy Note series screen has been particularly praised, and other media reports have suggested that Apple is about to match its resolution, but Samsung will probably still remain ahead in this department for this generation at least. So if you’re a person that values the spec list of your device, it is almost certain that the Galaxy Note 5 would make the more advisable purchase.

One particular selling point of the forthcoming iPhone 6s Plus is the expected inclusion of Force Touch technology. This received an excellent critical reception when introduced in the Apple Watch earlier this year, and is not expected to be rolled out to all of the Apple device range. Force Touch is intended to make the next generation iPhone a more sophisticated and user-friendly device.

Price and release date

The final thing to contemplate about the two devices is the pricing and release date related to them. The Galaxy Note 5 will be available in the stores first, and Samsung naturally hopes that this will attract consumers. The price point of the Galaxy Note 5 has also been confirmed, and it is noticeably retailing at a considerably lower price than the attendant Galaxy S6 Edge+. So this is likely to be very competitive with the iPhone 6s Plus, with Apple not having confirmed pricing for this device as of yet.

Apple is expected to get the iPhone 6s out to market by the end of September, so fans of the iPhone will not have long to wait for the device. Ultimately, the success of the two handsets will continue to be defined by the qualities associated with the iPhone and Galaxy range in general. Those wanting the ultimate user-friendly, cool smartphone will probably opt for the iPhone 6s Plus, while those who appreciate the flexibility of Android and the spec-packed nature of Samsung releases will choose the Galaxy Note 5.

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