Galaxy Note 5 Concept Images Emerge

Galaxy Note 5 Concept Images Emerge
1399156 / Pixabay

As fans of Samsung devices await the release of the Galaxy Note 5, some new renders provide a tantalizing glimpse of what the new phablet may look like.

This latest concept image was produced by the prolific Ivo Maric, who are recently produced a hybrid version of the iPhone 7 that attracted a large amount of attention. These latest renders from the Croatian designer are closely based around recent leaks relating to the Galaxy Note 5, and thus the physical construction of the device will be familiar to all of those who have been following the latest news closely.

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Galaxy Note 5 to be glass-based

Maric imagines that Samsung will go for a primarily glass-based design when the Galaxy Note 5 releases, but that aluminum edges will also be prominent. The Maric design also features an imagined S Pen stylus that slots into the bottom of the handset.

One of the interesting aspects of this concept image is that it suggests that Galaxy Note 5 owners will not be able to purchase a replacement battery when the device is revealed. To what extent this can be considered accurate is debatable, but certainly this concept image has been based on the latest murmurings from close to the Samsung supply chain. However, there could still be the possibility for Galaxy Note 5 users to improve this handset via expandable storage.

The Galaxy Note 5 design envisioned by Maric is thus extremely close to the existing Galaxy S6. There have been numerous suggestions in the media in recent weeks that Samsung will indeed create a relatively uniform Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 range within the next 12 months. It has been particularly suggested that Samsung is intending to update the latest version of its phablets by altering its branding so that it becomes part of the S range family. With devices in the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series apparently interchangeable, it is clear that the physical design of the two flagship ranges will also become increasingly similar.

To unveil on August 13

With consumers enthusiastically anticipating the Galaxy Note 5, the Korean electronics giant has already confirmed an event for August 13. It is widely expected that the Galaxy Note 5 will be revealed at this Samsung conference, and it is then that we will find out the extent to which Samsung has drawn inspiration from the significantly successful and critically acclaimed Galaxy S6.

What is also interesting to note about the design provided by Maric is that this imagined Galaxy Note 5 concept seems to be taking something of a cue from the Galaxy S6 Edge as well. Although the screen of the Maric concept is not curved, the rear of the devices seems to feature somewhat curved edges, possibly with the intention of ensuring that the handset fits more neatly in the palms of consumers’ hands.

As Samsung is apparently intending to unveil this device in August, it is still expected that the Korean company will follow previous release schedules for the Galaxy Note series rather closely. Samsung has previously entered into the habit of launching the latest iteration in the Galaxy Note series just before the IFA event in Berlin. This ensures that the handset is significantly established before the important Christmas period, and should see the Note 5 hit the stores before the release of the Apple iPhone 7; its most obvious rival.

To go 4K?

There has been a huge amount of speculation regarding what Samsung will include in the specifications of the Galaxy Note 5 when it is released. Central to this has been the screen resolution that the Galaxy Note 5 will embrace, with Samsung increasingly being associated with display technology in its mobile devices. Samsung became the largest seller of televisions on the planet back in 2008, and has since strongly cemented its position in the marketplace with an innovative and distinctive range of products.

This has contributed to the reputation of the corporation, which is very much one that focuses on producing high-quality display panels. Samsung’s range of smartphones and phablets have particularly benefited from this, and the introduction of its proprietary curved screen technology has been hugely successful for the Korean corporation.

With this in mind, it is suggested that the Galaxy Note 5 could be the first mass-market 4K resolution device. Samsung would certainly love to achieve this when it releases the Galaxy Note 5, but there will certainly be technical challenges for the corporation to overcome if it is to make the Galaxy Note 5 the first ever 4K phablet.

It would make obvious commercial sense for Samsung, though, as a 4K resolution Galaxy Note 5 would really stand out significantly from the iPhone series. It is surely unthinkable that Apple will upgrade even the phablet version of the iPhone to 4K resolution, considering that it wasn’t even quad HD in the last iteration of the series.

Other possible specs

However, this desire is to include a 4K resolution display with the Galaxy Note 5 will require some serious power under the bonnet. This explains why the Galaxy Note 5 has been linked with some extremely powerful specifications. Central to these are suggestions that Samsung could harm the Galaxy Note 5 with a mammoth 6 GB of memory. Samsung’s own Exynos 7422 chipset, with four Cortex-A57 cores and four Cortex-A53 have also been suggested for the Galaxy Note 5, and the combination of these two elements could make this the most powerful mass-market mobile device yet to be released, and even make 4K resolution feasible.

Additionally, it has been suggested for some time that Samsung could increase the camera capabilities of the Galaxy Note 5 to as much as 21-megapixels. This will keep the Galaxy Note range well clear head of Apple’s iPhone, with the snapper in the flagship Spple range expected to be around 12-megapixels. Selfies also play a more prominent role in smartphone manufacturer’s considerations nowadays, and thus the Galaxy Note 5 is tipped to have a very powerful front-facing camera that could even touch 8-megapixels.

The latest images from Maric will only wet the appetite further for what looks likely to be an extremely powerful Galaxy note 5 release.

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