Francis Chou Resource Page Added to Value Walk

Francis Chou Resource Page Added to Value Walk
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Francis Chou Resource Page Added to Value Walk

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A permanent page devoted to Francis Chou has been added to Value Walk. Over the next few months I will be adding 1-3 resource pages a week on famous current and legendary investors. I will keep them a surprise to increase the excitement, so make sure to check back frequently. Or follow me on TwitterFacebookor Feedburner.

The Francis Chou Page can be found under current value investors on the top toolbar, or at the following link- Below is a brief excerpt from the page:


Francis Chou is the President of the Toronto-based Chou Associates Management Inc. Francis Chou immigrated to Canada from Allahabad, India in 1976. Francis Chou is the greatest example of American (or Candian) rags to riches. When Francis Chou arrived in Canada, he was 20 years old and had only $200 in his pocket. Chou landed a job with Bell Canada as a telephone repairman. Francis Chou was quite ambitious and felt that he wanted more from life than being a telephone repairman. Despite having only a 12th grade education, Francis Chou liked to read a lot. He became interested investing after reading books written by Ben Graham, such as “The Intelligent Investor: and “Security Analysis“.

In 1981, Chou started an investment club along with six of his Bell Canada co-workers. The club started with $51,000 which Mr. Chou turned into $1.5 million over the next five years. In 1984, Francis Chou left Bell Canada and became a retail analyst with GW Assets, where he met another notable investor Prem Watsa, who was also an immigrant from India.  After 18 months with GW Assets Mr. Chou left and joined Prem Watsa at Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, as one of its original investors.

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