FlexJobs Identifies 30 Fully Virtual Companies Hiring For Remote Jobs

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Career service spotlights leading companies, key advice for landing 100% remote jobs

Boulder, CO, September 26, 2022––According to FlexJobs’ 2022 Career Pulse Survey, 65 percent of respondents said they prefer a fully remote work arrangement. More than half of workers are also unwilling to give it up, with 57 percent stating they’d look for a new job if they couldn’t continue working remotely.

Fortunately for workers, remote-first companies have long been a thriving part of the modern workplace and continue to create plenty of remote jobs.

To help connect job seekers to remote career opportunities, FlexJobs has identified 30 fully remote companies that hire for work-from-home jobs. The highlighted virtual companies have been fully remote from their founding or before the pandemic. 

“While this list of companies spans various industries and career fields, it represents a small sampling of the remote companies and types of jobs available in the growing remote job marketplace,” said Sara Sutton, Founder and CEO of FlexJobs, itself a fully remote company since 2007.

“Although the number of remote-friendly companies has increased following the pandemic, these companies signal that fully remote work options have been an integral part of the workforce for many years,” Sutton concluded.

 The 30 companies below are fully committed to remote work. Each of them:  

  • Were fully remote from their founding and/or prior to the pandemic
  • Allow team members to work remotely
  • Currently hiring for 100% remote jobs
  1. 10up
  2. Aha
  3. Articulate
  4. Automattic
  5. Avvinue
  6. Big Time Studios
  7. CareRev
  8. Circle – CircleCo, Inc.
  9. Coalition Technologies
  10. Commit Solutions, Inc.
  11. DataStax
  12. Doist
  13. ElectroNeek
  14. Fire Engine RED
  15. GitLab
  16. Hotjar
  17. LeadSimple
  18. Modern Tribe
  19. Mysten Labs
  20. Remote Year
  21. Scribendi
  22. SitePen
  23. SoftwareMill
  24. TheoremOne
  25. Toggl
  26. Toptal
  27. VIPKid
  28. Working Solutions
  29. Zapier
  30. Zone & Co

To help professionals broaden their remote job search even more and become stronger candidates, FlexJobs’ Career Coaching team offers the following advice: 

Be a Researcher

Job seekers should switch their mentality to that of a creative researcher. To truly be an active part of the hiring process, it’s necessary to thoroughly research the company several times—before submitting an application, before and during the interview, and when following up.

Spend time assessing what the recruiter is looking for. Mine their social media posts, find employee reviews, and pore through the deeper parts of their website.

Revamp Outdated Resumes

It’s imperative to customize resumes for every job applied to, never forgetting to showcase the skills and experience that are most relevant to the position.

A resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter are not static, unchangeable assets. Instead, they’re living, breathing documents that can be a candidate’s best allies if they’re being used well.

Network Like Your Job Depends On It

Top job seekers know it’s not just about submitting online applications—they also reach out to their connections and let people know they’re looking for a job. They attend industry events, connect with people on LinkedIn, and generally try to put their name out there.  

For those pursuing fully remote roles, the career coaches at FlexJobs also stress the importance of demonstrating remote work experience throughout the application process by:  

  • Including remote work in the “experience” section of your resume
  • Mentioning remote work in the “skills” or “summary of qualifications” section
  • Sharing you worked remotely in the interview
  • Showing off key remote job soft skills, such as superior communication, proactivity, and having a growth mindset

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