Fama – Efficient Markets and Asset Pricing Risk Return

Fama – Efficient Markets and Asset Pricing Risk Return

People, who are Sophisticated Investor, go against Efficient Market 1. Add Value to the company 2. Have High Human capital 3. Luck.

General Public will follow Efficient Markets and Asset Pricing Risk Return for beta returns for their retirement.

Gates Capital Management Reduces Risk After Rare Down Year [Exclusive]

Gates Capital Management's ECF Value Funds have a fantastic track record. The funds (full-name Excess Cash Flow Value Funds), which invest in an event-driven equity and credit strategy, have produced a 12.6% annualised return over the past 26 years. The funds added 7.7% overall in the second half of 2022, outperforming the 3.4% return for Read More

Eugene Francis “Gene” Fama is an American economist, often referred to as “The Father of Finance”, best known for his empirical work on portfolio theory, asset pricing and stock market behaviour.

“The University of Chicago basically plucked me out of Kansas and put me on this trajectory …Sometimes I wonder, why me? But it happened. ” — David Booth

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