Fake iPhone 6 Released Ahead Of Schedule In China

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With the mobile consuming public eagerly awaiting the release of the next Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) handset, the iPhone 6 has already appeared on the market in China! You may have guessed, considering that Apple haven’t even confirmed the existence of the iPhone 6, that all is not as it seems with this, though!

Chinese clone emerges

Chinese counterfeiters have released cloned devices into the Chinese market two months ahead of the expected release of the iPhone 6. Although no details are officially known about the latest iteration of the Apple flagship smartphone, China is central to the iPhone 6 given that its supply chain is very much centred on China.

Thus, Chinese manufacturers are well placed to be able to produce a device which strongly resembles the forthcoming smartphone; at least physically. Of course, we don’t know what software Apple will arm the iPhone 6 with, and the version of iOS being run on this cloned device is highly unlikely to resemble the final iOS 8 version of the software which will be released with the iPhone 6. In fact, it is presumed that the software used by this device is a skinned version of Android.

Fake iPhone 6 Released Ahead Of Schedule In China

iPhone 6 phablet to be delayed

Two models of the iPhone 6 are expected to be released by Apple, with rumors related to this having emanated from within Apple’s supply chain some months ago. But debate rumbles on about the larger phablet-sized version of the iPhone 6. This would seem to be a certainty from a commercial point-of-view, with Apple looking to develop new product lines. But reports persist that place doubt over the release date of this particular device, or indeed whether it will be released at all.

Business Insider has reported that the 5.5-inch version of the iPhone 6 could be delayed before it hits the stores. Analysts close to Apple have claimed that the corporation is that Apple experiencing difficulty with the iPhone 6’s touch panel, as well as color uneveness related to device’s metal casing. While these issues are allegedly affecting both models of the iPhone 6, it is expected that they will be harder to overcome in the larger model, meaning that Apple may choose to push back its release date.

The proof will be in the pudding on that one, but what can be said confidently is when the iPhone 6 finally is released, it won’t be available for $32! This is the price that the cloned iPhones are currently going for in China, which perhaps gives some indication of the quality of these imitation iPhone 6 phones.

Images of the cloned devices have been posted online by Nowhereelse.fr and placed next to the Samsung Galaxy S III for comparison. This image shows that the cloned iPhone is a similar size to the Samsung device, although whether this presumed appearance of the iPhone 6 will turn out to be accurate remains to be seen.

Amazon leaks iPhone 6 specs?

Meanwhile, Amazon may have inadvertently leaked the specs of the iPhone 6 today. According to the retailer, the following specs will apply to the flagship Apple smartphone

  • Dimensions of 130 x 65 x 7mm (5.11 x 2.56 x 0.275 inches)
  • Weight of 113g (3.985 oz)
  • Gold remains a colour option
  • Up to 64GB memory

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