Facebook’s iPad App Finally Gets Retina Display Support

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Facebook's iPad App Finally Gets Retina Display Support

The Facebook app for Apple’s iPad has gotten an update which allows it to take full advantage of the updated devices innovative features. The update was released today and it includes support for the new iPads attributes as well as fixing many bugs the application was criticized for previously. The update will be welcomed by all of those with iPads though especially by those with the updated version. The inclusion of Retina compatibility was a good move on the firm’s part and not one which left users waiting.

The new app can utilize the full resolution of the new device’s raved about retina display. Photos and videos will never have looked so good as they will with the iPad interface and screen quality. The update also sees a number of what the company calls minor bugs fixed. Users are now allowed to go offline in chat, there will no longer be false friend request notifications, the correct profile picture appears for users, friend lists are all complete, and names will be displayed correctly in sets of photos. One of these bugs could be called minor in itself but all of them add up to a fully buggy interface.

The company had received criticism in the past because of how long it had taken them to develop an App that took advantage of the unique interface of the iPad. Despite being launched in 2010 the revolutionary device did not get its own Facebook app until October 2011. Facebook fell behind drastically in this regard and if they had any popular competition there would surely have been difficulties. There was not and Facebook is continually allowed to make unpopular changes to its site and infringe on user’s privacy without any seeming repercussion from customers.

The power here clearly demonstrates Facebooks strength as an alost monopolistic power in a world of choice but also highlights weakness as the company heads for its IPO. If the company continues to attend to users in the way it has there may be problems up ahead if a competitive challenger ever arrives on the scene. Though it has seemed so in recent times Facebook is not invincible though it remains to be seen what could kill it. The compnay needs to keep track of its very real problems if it hopes to have success continuing into the future.

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