Facebook Redesigns Help Center So Users Can Find Answers Easily


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) recently launched its redesigned Help Center for users to navigate and find the answers they want on the website easily.

The social network giant launched the Help Center in 2007 to provide answers on a wide range of a topic relevant to users and business entities from tagging to Facebook advertising. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) emphasized in its announcement today that the company is paying attention to all the feedback of users, and it is working hard in enhancing its tools, so that users would be able to understand its products better, and connect and share the things they love on the website.

Facebook Redesigns Help Center So Users Can Find Answers Easily
According to the company, the newly revamped Help Center features six major topics, including learning Privacy Basics, See What’s New on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), Report an Issue, Learn More About Timeline, Review Our Safety Resources, and Discover Games & Apps.

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The social network giant also highlighted popular questions enabling Facebook pages for users to receive the latest announcements, tips, and updates from the pages they liked.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) product manager Terry Guo said the new design of the Help Center feels and looks like a mobile app. He said the company streamlined how users find answers on the site. If it took users five clicks from the company’s old Help Center design to get the right answer, now it would only take them three clicks.

On Tuesday, the redesigned Help Center will appear on user’s pagers. They would notice the icons representing the six main topics.

The social network giant also introduced the Support Dashboard, a tool intended to help users track the progress of their reports on issues such as photos and Timeline. According to the company, the Support Dashboard appears in the account setting of users, and they will see what actions have been taken in response to their reports. The tool is available to all users worldwide.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) said the reports from users help the company’s safety team to remove abusive content from the site

In an interview with CNBC’s Julia Boorstin on Squawk Box, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said the social network giant is aggressively rolling out and changing its products to provide a better experience to users, and the company is focused increasing monetization. She also said that Facebook is exploring alternative ways to generate additional revenues.

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