Facebook Inc (FB) Plans A News Feed Event On August 6


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is all set to address the issue about which content appears in the news feed. It has announced a ranking algorithm change and will also give details about development in the feed at a press event on August 6, says a report from TechCrunch. The event will be held in Menlo Park Headquarters but will be streamed in London office as well, to keep European reporters informed. In the event, it is expected that users will come to know how to get rid of not so important connections.

Facebook Inc (FB) Plans A News Feed Event On August 6

Managing feeds, an important tool

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) said in the invite to American reporters “we’ll be discussing a specific update to organic ranking that’s coming up.” In European invite notes, Facebook wrote “We’ll also be talking about what’s coming next for News Feed.” This event has not been much talked about neither has it been a secret one, but it seems to be much more important than other of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s previous meetings.

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As we accumulate more “friends” and the list expands to include family, co-workers, and people we’ve met once, our feeds start getting cluttered. A user is more fascinated by the daily lives and photos of people we know and love, but pics and posts from persons whom one doesn’t know that well, feel like a waste of time.

How Facebook manages display News feed

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) selects what to display in the News feed of any particular user. The technique Facebook uses is The News Feed Ranking algorithm, which is also known as “EdgeRank”. This method is used to identify how close a user is to someone or how recently it was published among many other criteria that decide which posts to be shown posted by friends. The randomness and obscurity of Edge Rank has been discussed by Nick Bilton and BuzzFeed’s Charlie Warzel in The New York Times article.

Benefits for Facebook

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) can get huge benefits from this event as users can properly manage their news feed after getting suitable knowledge. Additionally, page admins and advertisers can have more confidence.

There is no clarity over what event is holding, but it is expected that there will be better options for feed presence in the event. One option should be to make desktop feed tools more efficient and user friendly on mobile where users are massively present.

Facebook is massively dependent on News Feed. Users tend to visit Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) frequently, and advertisers can put on their best ads on the sites. There is a plethora of social networking sites giving different features to allure the users. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) will describe EdgeRank in the event and will give insight on how to use it and manage it.

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