Facebook Inc (FB) Faces New Criticism For Allowing Cyber Bullying

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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s privacy policy received another criticism after a woman in Iceland became a victim of a cyber bullying on the website.

Facebook Inc (FB) Faces New Criticism For Allowing Cyber Bullying

According to the report from Euronews, Rhorlaud Agustsdottir sent repeated appeals to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) to remove the hate post, but the social network giant did not act immediately. Agustsdottir said, “I would like to see examples of images that are okay for Facebook and those which are not. I’d like to know their rules.”

The woman’s photograph was edited and appeared bruised with insults and rape threats on a macho Facebook page that scorns women.

Based on the policy of social network giant, it will not allow prejudice and intolerance; however the latest complaint of Agustsdottir showed that Facebook’s checks and balances are not working, cited euro news.

Trine Maria-Kristensen, a social media advisor commented, “Some people are paid to evaluate these kinds of problems, but where they are, how much time they spend on it, and how many reports they get a month, and how they deal with them is really unknown.”

According to the report, investors may be worried that the company’s lenient implementation of its policy could trigger legal complaints.

Last December, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) addressed issues raised by users regarding its latest governance changes to the website. The social network giant had been educating its users regarding their privacy settings, and its decision in sharing their information to its partners.

Facebook also launched the “Ask the Chief Privacy Officer” feature on its site to enable users to ask specific questions to the executive in-charge of their information.

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