Enlarge Photos On Facebook By A Simple Hover With Chrome Extension

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Who doesn’t like scrolling that never-ending News Feed on Facebook, but the only problem is when we have to open a photo just to view a larger version of it, and then return back to News Feed.

Photo Zoom for Facebook is a simple Chrome extension that integrates with Facebook so that you can see the larger images of photo albums, profile photos, and more, whenever you hover over a zoomable image. The larger version of image is displayed in a small pop-up window that appears to the left or right of your cursor. However, it won’t show a large version if you hover over thumbnails from shared news stories.

Enlarge Photos On Facebook By A Simple Hover With Chrome Extension

Just in case if you want to disable this extension, then you can do so by using the button next to the chat bar at the bottom edge of Chrome.

If the extension is turned OFF, then you can zoom a photo when you hold Shift or any other key. This setting can be configured from Options.

You can open the Options panel by right-clicking on the Facebook page and then navigating to: Photo Zoom for Facebook > Open Options page.

From here, you can change the keys and shortcuts. The two options that you should look at are: Toggle shortcut (this is used to toggle On/Off the extension) and  “When off, force zoom if I’m holding down”. Change the shortcut key and hit the Save button.

Photo Zoom for Facebook extension surely adds a more convenient way to view images in large versions. Chrome users can get this extension from the Chrome Web Store.

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