Emerging Managers & Diversity: What No One Is Talking About-Yet

Emerging Managers & Diversity: What No One Is Talking About-Yet
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Does your investment manager diversity match your investment portfolio diversification? That’s the overarching question the folks at TalkingHedge are tackling in their latest event – “Emerging Managers & Diversity: What No One is Talking About – Yet”, happening in Chicago March 30th at the UBS Tower.

Now, it’s not to say nobody’s talking about it. Just last week, Financial Times tackled this very theme. Women tend to outperform men, but less than 5% of alternative managers employ a female portfolio manager. What gives?


The disparity between the number of men and women working in the industry is one of the highest in finance, the Northeastern study found. It found that only 439 hedge funds employ a female portfolio manager, compared with 9,081 that employ a male investment manager.

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It’s not as bad in the mutual fund space, where 1 in 5 mutual funds employ a female portfolio manager. But even there, if you dig a little bit deeper, there’s an alarming study that suggests that men are more likely to engage in serious misconduct, and women are more likely to get punished than men when it comes to misconduct.

There are some in the investment space that have taken the lead in hiring minority owned firms, and TalkingHedge hopes to shine a light on that practice. That can be women, race, or sexual orientation and gender identity. So if you’ll be in Chicago at the end of the month, check it out. We’ll be there listening and learning.  A quick look at the agenda shows you’ll get the chance to hear from presenters tackling the large disparity in male and females in the investment space, or how emerging/diverse/female based managers are thriving despite the obvious, and largely ignored problems.

You can check out the agenda and Register for the event here to get the chance to hear from the diversity leaders in the emerging manger space, as well as their perspective on where they find returns, how to execute due diligence, and how they plan on growing their business.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jamie Pusateri.

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