Email Tweets Directly From Twitter

Email Tweets Directly From Twitter

Twitter has started to roll out the feature of emailing tweets directly from the web interface. Announced in mid-November, this feature allows a user to email a tweet to anyone, and it doesn’t matter if that person is using Twitter or not.

This feature already exists in the mobile app, but now Twitter has added it to the web interface. If you’ve recently logged-in to Twitter, then you may have noticed a new “More” button next to the reply, retweet and favorite buttons. Click on this “More” button and you’ll get the option to “Email Tweet” in a drop-down style menu.

Email Tweets Directly From Twitter

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When you click on “Email Tweet” button, you’ll be able to add a “To” email address and you can also add a small message/comment along with the tweet. For example, you can add your own personal comment to explain the tweet and share it with your friends and family.

The recipient can see the Twitter handle of the sender, tweet, links, and images in the email itself. There’s no need to even visit Twitter. However, the email is sent using a no-reply email address, which no doubt is great for hiding your actual email address, but the problem is that sometimes the email does lands in spam folders instead of the Inbox.

Since this feature is currently rolled out to all users, not everyone will be able to see this “More” button. Try out using this new emailing feature and let us know what you think about it in the comments.

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