DNSChanger Victims Won’t Be Able To Access The Internet On July 9

DNSChanger Victims Won’t Be Able To Access The Internet On July 9


DNSChanger Victims Won't Be Able To Access The Internet On July 9

On July 9th, the Federal Bureau of Investigation will shut down the internet for DNSChanger victims in efforts to help them fight a rash of malware.

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The DNSChanger malware virus was originally discovered back in 2007 where it was found that it infected millions of computers throughout the world. The virus changed the DNS setting on computers to redirect the servers to rogue servers. If a user typed in a certain domain name in the browser, the server would redirect them to other websites for their malware creator’s financial gain.

At the end of last year, the FBI interrupted the crime ring, changed the rogue servers to clean servers which gave infected computer users the chance to fix up their systems with a wide array of techniques and tools. Since many computers are still infected with DNSChanger virus, the FBI plans on clearing up the matters for everyone on Monday.

If you think you have the DNSChanger virus on your computer, you may want to get it removed right away because the government plans on shutting the internet of from computers infected with DNSChanger. No word on how long the disconnection will last. It’s recommended that people check out DCWG.org for more information as well as tips on how to fix the issue. Moreover, there are several security firms(namely Trend Micro and McAfee) that are offering free tools to help people remove the virus from their computer.

I think it’s a good thing that the FBI is finally taking the matters in their own hands in order to protect computer users and the internet, but I’m wondering what has taken them so long to do something about this especially if they knew about it for years. Granted, they could have tried to let computer owners remove their own viruses first.


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