Denmark Refuses to Release Documents Related to CIBOR Scandal

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The Danish Central Bank refuses publication of CIBOR documents.

The Danish Central Bank states this in the following press release (it is written in Danish):

Denmark Refuses to Release Documents Related to CIBOR Scandal
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Under Danish law central administrative documents are published on demand if not other considerations prohibit.

It is a common way to pester civil servants – just watching them pale when you threaten to ask for the papers – hilarious and very evil. What you will do with a shopping cart full of paper is normally your concern. It is common sport among journalists.

Thus when the CB CEO feels compelled to elaborate it is interesting, as the rejection is generally more informative than the documents:



There is a tradeoff between the need for publics insight into the administration and consideration for the execution of the Central Banks core task, among these the money- and currency policy and surveillance of the financial stability in Denmark under the most optimal conditions. In this connection it can be mentioned that the Central Bank has assets of 577 bio. DKK of which the currency reserve is 514 bio. DKK.

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If I’m not mistaken it is drafted by  Director (ie Chairman of the Board) of the Danish Central Bank Nils Bernstein himself – sounds like his linguistical flaw: “Most optimal” is nonsense in most languages. Never mind, but it is a thumbprint. The point is clear enough: Don’t pester us with irrelevant detail.

More to the point:


It can be added that the contents of the requested documents have not given the Central Bank deeper understanding of the causes of the periodic higher span of interests.

That Is the real message!

It is not ME not telling YOU, it is THEM NOT telling ME!

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