Demand For iPhone X Creates Lines Outside Apple Stores

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Technology is so significant in our lives, to the extent where new technology surfacing creates hysteria unlike no other. Consumers cringe at the thought of being behind with the times, and the human desire to keep up to date with emerging trends has directly influenced the way market leaders release new products.

When news of the iPhone X release broke, it whipped members of society into a frenzy, where the thought of improvements to activities embedded in our everyday lives created a pressing demand for consumers to get their hands on the iPhone X. This is evident by the long lines which have started forming outside Apple Inc. in anticipation for the tenth anniversary edition of the iPhone.

The release date marks one of the most significant dates in the company’s history, and starting Thursday night, crowds began surfacing at retail stores in Singapore, Australia, and Japan. This is reminiscent of the lines witnessed when the original iPhone went on sale in 2007, but the most remarkable difference between the two phones is the elevated starting price of $999, double what the entry-level handset cost.

There are significant numbers waiting in line to be the first to get their hands on the new phone, though some have even been sectioned off outside Apple’s Orchard Road store in Singapore. Fans in Sydney are setting up lawn chairs in preparation, and in Tokyo the hysteria is equally visible. People have even sold their place in the line to earn a quick buck, and the attention the new handset has received has much to do with the hype created by Apple for the iPhone launch.

Though pre-orders have reduced, and other buying options have reduced iPhone X lines, the iPhone X has been marketed heavily this year, and with new features like facial recognition and edge-to-edge screen, it would appear from the iPhone X lines that people genuinely can’t wait to get their hands on this state-of-the-art phone. There was initially concern there would be a limited quantity of iPhone X handsets on the market, and this has arguably encouraged people to arrive early and form a line. This notion is consolidated by Apple encouraging people to ‘arrive early’, suggesting they definitely anticipate huge crowds.

To date, Apple’s strongest weekend launch was with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in 2015, where more than 13 million units were sold during the first few days alone. Apple have committed to making this launch stronger, and at the least anticipate a 10-20% increase in units sold by next year. Apple have flooded significant marketing dollars into the rollout, where video advertisements, posters, and an online advertising strategy have been implemented so they’re best positioned for success. With the iPhone X going on pre-order last week, consumers went to drastic measures to secure one, including staying up all night and configuring multiple devices to ensure the purchase. Many disappointed consumers received news that they wouldn’t receive their phone until December, despite pre-ordering and expecting to receive it on November 3rd.

iPhone X lines were inevitable once the pre-orders ceased, and this just goes to show that people place faith in being able to purchase one on the day. Apple did deliver some good news to those who were expecting a mid November shipment, since some orders have been brought forward significantly in countries like the UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Japan, and Germany.

iPhone launches were once famous for their lines, and the iPhone X lines suggest this year will be no different. People are traveling from far and wide to get their hands on the new handset, and who can blame them when you consider the pioneering new technology the iPhone X will incorporate. Stores are expected to sell out quickly due to the pent-up demand, which was indicated by the iPhone X receiving more than double the number of pre-orders the iPhone 6 did. There is reason to believe Apple will struggle to meet the initial demand, and this will create interesting scenarios with regards to iPhone X lines across the globe.

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