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12 Best Cryptos to Watch and Consider in 2024

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In the ever-evolving world of digital currencies, identifying the best cryptos to watch is crucial for savvy investors looking to maximize their returns.

With new projects launching almost daily and established players constantly innovating, the cryptocurrency landscape offers numerous opportunities and potential pitfalls.

In this listicle, we’ll explore the most promising cryptocurrencies currently making waves in the market. These cryptos are poised for significant growth, thanks to cutting-edge technology advancements and strong community backing.

Listing our favourite cryptos to watch (and possibly buy) for 2024

  1. Pepe Unchained ($PEPU) aims to revolutionize meme coins with its Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain, offering faster transactions, lower fees, and staking rewards to build a robust and engaged community.
  2. WienerAI ($WAI) integrates AI and blockchain to provide cutting-edge data analysis and automation solutions, leveraging smart contracts for secure, efficient operations.
  3. PlayDoge ($PLAY) offers a decentralized gaming ecosystem where players can earn rewards in $PLAY tokens, enhancing the gaming experience with blockchain technology.
  4. Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ) combines meme culture with blockchain technology. It offers a community-driven token on Ethereum Layer 2 that emphasizes speed and low transaction costs.
  5. Mega Dice Token ($DICE) brings blockchain to the world of online casinos, offering decentralized, transparent, and fair gaming experiences with its utility token.
  6. 99Bitcoins (99BTC) aims to democratize access to financial services through a blockchain-based platform that offers secure, transparent, and low-cost transactions.
  7. Sponge ($SPONGE) revolutionized general opinion on meme coins with decentralized rewards for creators and consumers through its unique token ecosystem.
  8. eTukTuk ($TUK) merges electric transportation with blockchain, aiming to reduce emissions in developing countries through its sustainable, AI-enhanced eTukTuks.
  9. Toncoin ($TON) enhances decentralized communication with its scalable blockchain, providing secure, fast transactions and a robust platform for various applications.
  10. Solana ($SOL) stands out with its high-speed, low-fee blockchain, supporting decentralized applications and scalable solutions for global adoption.
  11. EigenLayer ($EIGEN) redefines decentralized finance with innovative blockchain solutions, offering scalable, secure platforms for financial transactions and services.
  12. Fetch.ai ($FET) merges AI with blockchain, enabling autonomous economic agents to interact and transact, fostering a decentralized, intelligent digital economy.

Our top cryptos to watch in 2024: Reviewed in detail

Looking ahead to 2024, here are eight cryptos to watch, each with unique opportunities in different areas.

1. Pepe Unchained ($PEPU)

Pepe Unchained ($PEPU) aims to revolutionize the meme coin market by utilizing an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain.

This approach promises significantly faster transactions and lower fees than traditional meme coins, enhancing everyday usability.

The project’s mascot, Pepe the Frog, is inspired by popular meme culture, adding a relatable and humorous touch.

Tokenomics and roadmap

Pepe Unchained’s tokenomics emphasize community engagement and staking rewards.

A significant portion of PEPU tokens is allocated for staking, currently offering an impressive yield of 2410% per annum (N.B. this yield is dynamic), attracting early adopters.

The roadmap includes plans to expand the ecosystem, enhance staking functionalities, and potentially integrate additional utilities to increase the token’s value.

pepe unchained tokenomics
Pepe Unchained tokenomics

What makes $PEPU one of the cryptos to watch?

Pepe Unchained has the potential for a significant price surge for many reasons:

Firstly, its Layer 2 technology offers a significant advantage over existing meme coins by enabling fast and cheap transactions. Secondly, the project’s strong ties to the established PEPE meme and its planned exchange listing (similar to PEPE on Coinbase) could further boost its value.

Unlike short-lived copycat meme coins such as PeiPei and PepeFork, Pepe Unchained offers genuine utility with its Layer 2 solution and promises high staking rewards, making it a compelling option for investors.

Date launched2024
Amount raised, Presale [Jul 2024]$1.7M

2. WienerAI ($WAI)

WienerAI ($WAI) is a novel meme coin blending artificial intelligence with the beloved imagery of a wiener dog. This token aims to become the “top dog” in the crypto market by leveraging its unique concept and strong community engagement.

As the universe’s first Wiener/Dog/AI hybrid, WienerAI offers a humorous and engaging narrative and promises significant staking rewards and a dynamic growth strategy.

WienerAI presale | Source

Tokenomics and roadmap

WienerAI boasts impressive figures, with $6,403,281.33 raised in USDT. The initial token price is $0.000722, with a total supply of 69 billion tokens.

A significant 62% of the tokens are staked, amounting to 5,762,091,311 $WAI. Stakers can earn up to 180% per annum, with total rewards amounting to 2,170,881,570 $WAI.

The project’s roadmap includes several presale stages, during which the token price increases progressively, allowing early investors to maximize their returns.

A breakdown of the WienerAI tokenomics model
WienerAI tokenomics

What makes $WAI one of the cryptos to watch?

In its private presale phase, WienerAI is poised to take advantage of the in-demand AI industry.

The presale strategy ensures a gradual price increase, incentivizing early participation. With its high staking rewards and engaging narrative, WienerAI is attracting a rapidly growing community.

This coin has a unique positioning in the meme coin sector and advanced AI capabilities.

For instance, it offers MEV protection, unique RPC endpoints to bypass MEV bots, and slippage tolerance settings to manage price fluctuations during trades. This protection shields users from tactics like frontrunning and sandwich attacks and sets them apart from competitors.

As the project transitions to public sale and beyond, its humorous yet innovative approach could capture a significant market share, making it a formidable player in the meme coin arena.

Date launched2024
Amount raised, Presale [Jul 2024]6.9M

3. PlayDoge ($PLAY)

PlayDoge is a mobile-based play-to-earn (P2E) game that merges the iconic Doge meme with Tamagotchi-style virtual pet care.

The game stands out with its nostalgic high-definition pixelated graphics, which remind users of classic Tamagotchi devices while providing a modern gaming experience.

A breakdown of the PlayDoge tokenomics model

Players are tasked with caring for their PlayDoge pets by feeding, entertaining, and ensuring their well-being, offering a fun and engaging way to earn cryptocurrency.

Tokenomics and roadmap

The PlayDoge ecosystem revolves around the $PLAY token, priced at $0.00512, with a total supply of 9.4 billion tokens.

The tokenomics includes 1.081 billion tokens for liquidity and 611 million tokens for community rewards.

The project has raised over $5 million, indicating strong initial support.

The roadmap outlines several development phases, from the token launch on decentralized exchanges (DEX) to the PlayDoge app release and further centralized exchange (CEX) listings, ensuring sustained growth and community engagement.

What makes $PLAY one of the cryptos to watch?

PlayDoge has garnered attention due to its unique combination of nostalgia and play-to-earn mechanics. The project’s initial success in raising funds and community interest highlights its potential in the competitive P2E market.

With the global video game market projected to reach $665 billion by 2033, PlayDoge is well-positioned to capture a significant share. The ongoing development and planned marketing initiatives will likely boost its market performance further.

PlayDoge’s innovative approach and strong community focus suggest a promising future in the evolving blockchain gaming landscape.

Date launched2024
BlockchainBinance Smart Chain
Amount raised, Presale [Jul 2024]5.3M

4. Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ)

Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ) is revolutionizing the crypto landscape by offering an innovative multi-chain experience.

Positioned within the Base Chain ecosystem, $DAWGZ extends its reach across ETH, SOL, BSC, and AVAX networks, providing unparalleled decentralized experiences free from traditional limitations.

Cryptos to watch #4 | Base Dawgz
Base Dawgz presale | Source

Tokenomics and roadmap

Base Dawgz is designed for multi-chain interoperability, ensuring seamless transactions across various blockchains. The total supply of $DAWGZ is 8.453 billion tokens, with 1.690 billion available in the presale at a starting price of $0.00479.

The primary network is Base Chain, but the token’s versatility across multiple chains, such as Ethereum, Solana, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche, offers users extensive flexibility and opportunities for interaction.

The roadmap includes an engaging airdrop campaign where users can earn tokens by creating and sharing meme content about the project on social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter).

Base Dawgz tokenomics breakdown
Base Dawgz tokenomics

What makes $DAWGZ one of the cryptos to watch?

Base Dawgz has garnered attention for its innovative approach to blockchain interoperability. The ongoing presale and airdrop campaigns are generating buzz and increasing community participation.

As a unique multi-chain token, $DAWGZ has the potential to attract a diverse user base seeking seamless blockchain integration.

Its ability to operate across several significant networks could position it as a leading token in decentralized finance (DeFi), offering robust growth potential and market expansion.

Date launched2024
BlockchainBase Chain
Amount raised, Presale [Jul 2024]2.28M

5. Mega Dice Token ($DICE)

Mega Dice Token ($DICE) powers a cutting-edge online casino and gaming platform designed to merge the thrill of traditional online gaming with the benefits of cryptocurrency.

Launched to create a seamless and rewarding gaming experience, Mega Dice offers various casino games, sports betting options, and innovative features tailored for modern gamblers.

$DICE serves as the native token within the Mega Dice ecosystem, providing over 10,000 active monthly players with exclusive benefits such as revenue sharing, enhanced rewards, and opportunities for staking and governance.

Tokenomics and roadmap

$DICE operates on a robust tokenomics model to incentivize adoption and participation. With a total supply of tokens strategically allocated, the project includes staking rewards, liquidity pools, community incentives, and ecosystem development provisions.

The roadmap emphasizes continuous platform enhancement, including the introduction of new games, expansion into additional markets, and integration of emerging technologies like decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols.

Future developments also focus on enhancing user engagement through gamification features and expanding $DICE’s utility across various platform aspects.

Mega Dice tokenomics breakdown

What makes $DICE one of the cryptos to watch?

Mega Dice Token ($DICE) has shown promising initial traction within the online gaming and cryptocurrency communities, leveraging its unique value proposition of combining entertainment with financial incentives.

The platform’s user base continues to grow, driven by its diverse gaming offerings and the allure of earning $DICE rewards through active participation.

As the broader adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to rise, Mega Dice is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend, potentially attracting a wider audience seeking innovative gaming solutions backed by blockchain technology.

Date launched2024
Amount raised, Presale [Jul 2024]1.6M

6. 99Bitcoins Token ($99BTC)

99 Bitcoins ($99BTC) is a cryptocurrency project designed to provide a user-friendly platform for cryptocurrency education and resources.

It aims to simplify the learning curve for new users entering the crypto space by offering easy-to-understand guides, tutorials, and tools.

For instance, their lighthearted yet informative “Bitcoin Obituaries” section tracks and debunks claims of Bitcoin’s demise, adding a unique and engaging aspect to the platform.

This section has become a signature element, attracting a loyal following and contributing to over 100,000 students signing up.

Tokenomics and roadmap

The 99BTC token is used within the platform to incentivize content creation, user engagement, and participation in educational programs.

Users earn tokens by contributing valuable content and completing learning modules. The roadmap includes expanding educational content, integrating interactive tools, and developing partnerships with other educational platforms and blockchain projects.

99Bitcoins tokenomics breakdown
99Bitcoins tokenomics

What makes $99BTC one of the cryptos to watch?

99BTC’s market performance has been modest, reflecting its niche focus on education within the cryptocurrency sector. However, as the demand for cryptocurrency knowledge grows, 99 Bitcoins stands to benefit from increased user adoption and engagement.

The project’s emphasis on simplifying crypto education and its unique content offerings position it well for future growth.

Date launched2024
BlockchainEthereum and BRC
Amount raised, Presale [Jun 2024]$2.34M

7. Sponge ($SPONGE)

Sponge ($SPONGE) is a meme cryptocurrency launched in May 2023, inspired by the popular cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants.

It offers a zero-tax transaction structure, fostering frequent trading and community engagement.

The project gained rapid initial traction with a successful presale, reaching a market cap spike of nearly $100 million within days of its launch.

Cryptos to watch #7 | $SPONGEV2 illustration
$SPONGEV2 illustration

Tokenomics and roadmap

$SPONGE operates with a deflationary tokenomics model, where no transaction fees are imposed, enhancing liquidity and encouraging active trading.

The project’s roadmap emphasizes expanding its community base and transitioning into a Play-to-Earn (P2E) ecosystem.

Currently trading at approximately $0.0001149 (as of June 25, 2024), $SPONGE has demonstrated resilience amid the volatile meme coin market.

What makes $SPONGE one of the cryptos to watch?

Sponge stands out in the meme coin space by leveraging the popularity of SpongeBob SquarePants and integrating a zero-tax structure to incentivize trading.

With plans to introduce a P2E game, $SPONGE aims to deepen user engagement and expand its utility within the crypto community.

Potential investors should consider the inherent risks associated with meme coins, including price volatility and project sustainability while monitoring developments closely to gauge $SPONGE’s long-term viability and market performance.

Date launched2024

8. eTukTuk ($TUK)

eTukTuk ($TUK) aims to revolutionize transportation in developing countries by introducing eco-friendly electric tuk-tuks. The project combines blockchain technology, AI, and a play-to-earn mobile game to create a sustainable and engaging ecosystem.

Its unique selling points include reducing carbon emissions, promoting sustainable urban transport, and gamifying the user experience.

Cryptos to watch #8 | eTukTuk vehicle illustration
eTukTuk vehicle illustration | Source

Tokenomics and roadmap

The $TUK token, a BEP-20 utility token on the Binance Smart Chain, fuels the eTukTuk ecosystem. Token holders can earn rewards, participate in community voting, and unlock game features.

The roadmap includes expanding the fleet of electric tuk-tuks, enhancing the AI-driven mobile game, and integrating real-world applications for $TUK.

Future plans involve scaling the project to more cities and incorporating AI for route optimization and vehicle maintenance.

What makes $TUK one of the cryptos to watch?

eTukTuk’s presale still ranks as one of the best active crypto ICOs for a reason. While the concept is largely novel, the project shows promise due to its focus on sustainability and innovative use of technology, especially in terms of its TukStation Rewards program, which lets users live sustainably, earn rewards, and win their share of the Grand prize.

The success of its mobile game and the adoption of electric tuk-tuks are crucial for its growth. If the project can scale effectively and maintain user engagement, $TUK has significant potential in the burgeoning green transportation and crypto gaming sectors.

eTukTuk has partnerships with influential organizations such as Capital Maharaja Group, AsiaTokenFund Group, and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Sri Lanka, highlighting its potential for real-world impact and alignment with sustainable development goals.

Date launched2023
BlockchainBinance Smart Chain
Amount raised, Presale [Jun 2024]$3.5M

9. Toncoin ($TON)

Toncoin (TON) is the native cryptocurrency of The Open Network (TON), a layer-1 blockchain platform launched in 2018 by the founders of Telegram, Nikolai and Pavel Durov.

Through its scalable and efficient blockchain architecture, TON aims to revolutionize decentralized applications (dApps) and micropayments.

It features a multi-layered sharding design that enhances transaction processing speed and lowers costs, making it suitable for various applications.

Tokenomics and roadmap

Toncoin serves as the utility token within the TON ecosystem, facilitating transaction fees, staking for network security, powering dApps, enabling micropayments, and supporting token creation.

The tokenomics are designed to incentivize network participation and growth. The roadmap includes plans to expand the dApp ecosystem, enhance scalability, and integrate with Telegram to leverage its massive user base for broader adoption.

Market performance and future potential

Toncoin trades with volatility typical of the cryptocurrency market, reflecting its adoption milestones and broader market sentiment.

Its association with Telegram and robust technological framework positions it for significant future potential.

Analysts predict varied price targets, with optimistic forecasts suggesting prices could stabilize at $8 by the end of 2024 and potentially higher values into 2025, contingent on ecosystem growth and market dynamics.

What makes $TON one of the cryptos to watch?

Toncoin (TON) presents a compelling proposition in the blockchain space, backed by innovative technology and strategic advantages like Telegram integration.

Toncoin’s journey forward will depend on its ability to execute its roadmap, expand its ecosystem, and effectively navigate regulatory developments.

Date launched2018
Market Cap [Jun 2024]$18.8B

10. Solana ($SOL)

Solana (SOL) is a blockchain platform designed to address scalability issues in the cryptocurrency space.

Launched in 2020, Solana aims to facilitate the development of decentralized applications (dApps) and efficiently handle a high volume of transactions.

It achieves this through innovative mechanisms, including Proof-of-History (PoH) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS), which enable fast and low-cost transactions together.

Market performance and future potential

Solana has experienced significant growth, driven by its unique architecture and increasing adoption in the DeFi and NFT spaces. Its market performance has been characterized by impressive gains and periods of volatility, reflecting broader market trends.

Currently, Solana’s thriving ecosystem includes numerous DeFi protocols, NFT marketplaces, and metaverse projects.

However, the network has faced challenges, such as occasional outages and concerns about centralization. Analysts remain optimistic about Solana’s future, with predictions of substantial price appreciation if it continues to attract developers and users.

What makes $SOL one of the cryptos to watch?

Solana (SOL) is attracting investors for its blazing-fast transaction speeds and low costs compared to rivals.

This advantage also lures developers who are building a rich ecosystem of DeFi, NFTs, and metaverse projects.

Nicknamed the “Ethereum killer,” Solana’s network effect could snowball as more users join, boosting SOL’s value. Its user-friendly approach positions it for mainstream adoption, potentially driving even higher demand.

While the crypto market is volatile and faces regulatory hurdles, with developments such as the launch of a Web3 mobile, Solana’s future potential as a foundational layer can’t be underestimated.

Date launched2020
Market Cap [Jun 2024]$68B

11. EigenLayer ($EIGEN)

EigenLayer is an Ethereum blockchain protocol, pioneering the restaking concept. It allows users to reuse staked ETH or Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) to secure multiple services, providing pooled security and reducing capital costs for stakers.

This innovative approach enhances cryptoeconomic security and fosters an environment for permissionless innovation.

Tokenomics and roadmap for development

EigenLayer’s tokenomics are centered around restaking. Users can opt into EigenLayer smart contracts to re-stake their ETH or LSTs, secure additional applications, and earn rewards.

The protocol features three main components: restaking, operators, and delegation. Operators register in EigenLayer, which allows stakeholders to delegate their ETH to them, opting into Actively Validated Services (AVSs).

The roadmap includes expanding AVS offerings, enhancing user interface, and integrating with more DeFi services to maximize pooled security benefits.

What makes $EIGEN one of the cryptos to watch?

EigenLayer is the second-largest protocol in Total Value Locked (TVL), with over $20 billion secured, demonstrating strong market performance.

Its innovative restaking mechanism attracts a significant amount of staked ETH, enhancing security for various services. The potential for future growth is substantial as more decentralized services integrate with EigenLayer, leveraging its pooled security.

As the ecosystem expands and more AVSs are developed, EigenLayer could become a cornerstone of Ethereum’s security infrastructure, driving further adoption and value appreciation.

Date launched2023
ReleaseTradeable from September 2024

12. Fetch.ai ($FET)

Fetch.ai (FET) is a blockchain project that aims to revolutionize the digital economy by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

It envisions a decentralized network where autonomous economic agents can independently interact, transact, and make decisions, promoting efficiency and dynamism in financial activities.

Unique for its integration of AI and blockchain, Fetch.ai facilitates secure, autonomous transactions and decision-making processes.

Tokenomics and roadmap for development

The FET token serves as the utility token within the Fetch.ai ecosystem. Users need FET to access the network, deploy AI agents, and execute transactions. Additionally, FET tokens are required to develop and run AI agents on the platform.

Fetch.ai’s roadmap includes enhancing AI and ML capabilities, expanding agent functionalities, and fostering a robust ecosystem for decentralized digital marketplaces.

Strengthening its AI capabilities and expanding its reach are the objectives behind strategic partnerships with brands like Bosch or the merger with SingularityNET and Ocean Protocol.

What makes $FET one of the cryptos to watch?

Fetch.ai’s market performance has seen fluctuations typical of the volatile cryptocurrency space. However, its innovative use of AI and blockchain, combined with strategic alliances, positions it well for future growth.

The recent formation of the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance (ASI) with SingularityNET and Ocean Protocol is particularly promising, potentially accelerating AI advancements and increasing FET’s utility and demand.

If Fetch.ai continues to innovate and expand its ecosystem, it holds significant potential to reshape the digital economy, making it an intriguing prospect for long-term investors.

Supply [Jun 2024]2.63B
Date launched2019
Market Cap [Jun 2024]$1.4B

How We Analyze and Review Cryptos To Watch in 2024

Team expertise and Development roadmapThe team’s experience and track record are crucial. We research their backgrounds, past projects, and reputation in the crypto community.
A solid development roadmap with clear milestones is also a key indicator of potential success.
Market capitalization and tokenomicsWe explain market cap, circulating supply, and token utility. Tokenomics includes examining total supply, distribution mechanisms, and how new tokens are created.
Understanding these aspects helps evaluate a project’s economic viability.
Community Engagement and AdoptionWe research current trends in the cryptocurrency market.
We analyze performance, identify emerging trends, and consider insights from reliable sources about future market predictions.
Market TrendsWe research current trends in the cryptocurrency market.
We analyze performance, identify emerging trends, and consider insights from reliable sources about future market predictions.
Underlying TechnologyUnderstanding the technology behind the cryptocurrency, including the blockchain type, scalability, transaction speed, and security features, is crucial. A strong technological foundation suggests long-term viability.
Development teamThe quality and experience of the development team are critical. We look for a proven track record, relevant expertise in blockchain technology, and a good reputation. This ensures the project’s credibility and potential for successful execution.
Use Case and PracticalityWe evaluate cryptocurrency’s real-world applications and practical purpose. We consider whether it solves a specific problem or addresses a genuine need, which indicates its potential for widespread adoption.
TokenomicsThe quality and experience of the development team are critical. We seek a proven track record, relevant expertise in blockchain technology, and a good reputation. This ensures the project’s credibility and potential for successful execution.
LiquidityWe consider how easily the cryptocurrency can be bought and sold. High liquidity is preferred as it allows for easier entry and exit from investments, reducing risk for investors.
Community and HypeAn engaged community can indicate long-term success.
However, we are cautious of excessive hype or social media trends that may inflate prices beyond intrinsic value.
AlternativesComparing the cryptocurrency to other market options is essential.
We consider established players offering similar solutions to understand the competitive landscape and identify unique value propositions.

The structured approach aims to provide a comprehensive and balanced evaluation of cryptocurrencies, assisting in informed decision-making based on a variety of critical factors.

Tips to finding the cryptos to watch out for

  1. Diversify your portfolio: Spread your investments across various cryptocurrencies to mitigate risk and capture opportunities in different market segments.
  2. Analyze the technology and use cases: Evaluate a cryptocurrency’s underlying technology and real-world applications. Look for projects that solve genuine problems and have strong technical foundations.
  3. Dig into the development team: Investigate the backgrounds and experience of the team behind the project. A skilled and reputable team can significantly enhance the project’s chances of success.
  4. Consider Market Capitalization and Tokenomics: Understanding market capitalization, circulating supply, and token utility can offer valuable insights into a cryptocurrency’s potential for growth.
  5. Assess market trends: Identify and analyze current market trends. This includes monitoring the performance of different cryptocurrencies and understanding emerging narratives.

Our opinion on the best cryptos (and industries) to watch out for in 2024

  • Investing in Bitcoin (as a hedge against inflation): Bitcoin remains a key player, often viewed as a store of value and a hedge against economic uncertainty.
  • Investing in Meme coins: These offer high-risk, high-reward opportunities driven by community enthusiasm and social media trends.
  • Investing in ‘Artificial Intelligence‘: AI integration in cryptocurrency projects is gaining traction, combining cutting-edge technology with blockchain. Projects like WienerAI exemplify this trend, merging AI and crypto.

Cryptocurrency investing requires both patience and strategic selling. While holding solid investments is crucial, understanding a coin’s potential value is more important.

To stay updated, follow the official channels of the listed projects and actively participate in community discussions. You can also access valuable insights through the provided links to their respective resources.


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