The 7 Best AI Crypto Trading Bots in 2024

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Over time, AI has gradually begun to enable the automation of repetitive processes and tasks across a range of industry sectors.

In the cryptocurrency markets, automated strategies can help you gain an edge and prove advantageous to the overall long-term success of trading cryptocurrencies.

This article will explore our picks of the 7 best AI crypto trading bots, with a comprehensive review of features, pros and cons, and other helpful insights.

Our picks of the best AI bots for trading crypto in 2024

Find below our top 7 picks for the best AI crypto trading bot, with a short intro for each selection.

  1. AltIndex: AI crypto trading signals provider that analyzes a range of alternative data, including mentions across social media platforms
  2. AvaTrade: Leading, regulated broker offering ‘Expert Advisors’ – programs with pre-set indicator parameters that are compatible across MetaTrader and TradingView
  3. OKX: Top 4 cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume. Has over 15 million crypto trading bots that have been programmed by OKX creators
  4. ByBit: Among the top 3 leading crypto exchanges by trading volume. Provides a wide range of crypto bots, such as AI Aurora, which offers a selection of top performers
  5. Binance: The number one crypto exchange worldwide, with the largest range of bots for different crypto tokens
  6. BitGet: Offers a selection of crypto trading bots that are completely free to use. The platform allows you to filter down crypto trading bots based on market conditions
  7. 3Commas: Offers a wide range of pre-set and customizable trading bots and connects with a number of crypto exchanges

A closer look at the best crypto trading bot in 2024

Read on for more in-depth reviews of the best AI crypto trading bots available.

1. AltIndex – Algorithmic, AI-powered analysis of alternative data

AltIndex ranks as our number-one AI-enabled crypto signals provider. Although the platform is more geared toward stocks, a select number of top market-cap cryptocurrencies can be analyzed.

The platform’s interface provides a user-friendly experience and smooth navigation to the various assets and analytics sections. However, Altindex’s standout feature is its algorithmic technology, which can provide up to 100+ daily alerts and 100,000+ daily insights.

Our best AI crypto trading bot
Bitcoin Dashboard | AltIndex

AltIndex’s AI software monitors cryptocurrency performance metrics using a variety of alternative data points.

These include:

AI scorePredictive measure that assigns a score from 0 to 100, representing the stock’s performance and potential. It combines AI and alternative data to assess the short-term market outperformance potential by analyzing thousands of data points, including fundamental and alternative indicators.
Price predictionThis method uses alternative data to provide price forecasts and ratings. It also uses multiple score ranking methods, such as the social media brand score, customer score, and financial fundamentals score, to derive informed crypto price speculation.
Congress tradingAltIndex’s powerful algorithmic technology scans for public information on politicians and government officials that have traded Bitcoin or other cryptos such as Ethereum or Litecoin.
Technical analysisThis section provides a full-scope view of all moving averages and technical indicators, such as RSI, STOCH, MACD, and ROC. It also includes the technical outlook for cryptos, such as support and resistance levels and sentimental analysis.
Google trends and mentionsThis section Monitors Google search trends to provide a score that indicates shifts in demand and market sentiment. The mentions section analyzes social media mentions of crypto coins across 4Chan, Reddit, X (Twitter), Stocktwits, and various news outlets.

Altindex is free to use but has limited features. The ‘Starter’ membership costs $29/month, and the ‘Pro’ membership, which provides 10x more stock picks and alerts, costs $99/month.

You can save up to 48% by purchasing a membership annually, and currently, AltIndex has a May special offer where you can get a free 7-day trial of the Starter membership to test out the platform.


  • Free to use basic version
  • Wide range of analytics
  • Regularly updated information


  • Limited range of cryptocurrencies

2. AvaTrade – Provides a range of crypto trading bots called Expert Advisors

AvaTrade stands out from the crowd with its Expert Advisors (EAs) – programmed software trading bots that enable automated trading. Expert Advisors are programmed with pre-set strategy parameters that follow a set of trading rules and market conditions.

The EAs are compatible with MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, and traders can modify or include additional rules such as to buy an asset only when its price is above the 100 day moving average, or trading cryptos only during Asia time zones.

AvaTrade is more geared towards traditional assets such as stock trading, supporting thousands of financial instruments from forex, stocks, commodities, precious metals, oil, as well as crypto.

AvaTrade Expert Advisors can be traded, rented or purchased giving a variety of options to try out different trading bots without a full commitment. There are also a range of free to use Expert Advisors, however, their strategies are more basic with less parameters to follow.

Key features:

Around-the-clock tradingUsing Expert Advisors enables 24/7 hands-free automation trading by setting parameters for the expert advisor to trade assigned crypto assets around the clock.
Customized parametersTraders are able to customize the parameters of the Expert Advisors; however, may need some programming knowledge.
Pre-set trading botsAvaTrade also provides a wide range trading bots that have pre-set parameters to follow, allowing for any experienced level traders to get started.


  • 24/7 hands-free trading
  • Assign a wide range of technical indicator strategies


  • Expert Advisors can only be used with MT4 and MT5 trading platforms
  • Traders must oversight the bot as crypto market conditions can frequently trade

3. OKX – Leading crypto exchange with a variety of trading bots available

OKX provides pre-built intelligent trading bots that help traders automate trades around the clock. The platform is home to a user base of over 475,000 global bot traders, and OKX bot creators have created over 15 million bots worldwide.

The platform provides a range of options when it comes to choosing a trading bot. You can either opt for the preset trading bots in the marketplace or, alternatively, users can create their own crypto trading bot using their desired indicator strategies and individual needs.

OKX crypto trading bot marketplace
OKX crypto bots marketplace | OKX

The primary types of trading bots on offer are:

Grid botsGrid bots are simple strategy bots that aim to buy low and sell high, capitalizing on normal price volatilities. They can be customized or purchased from the marketplace.
Signal trading botsSignal trading provides automated signals at given times when market conditions are beneficial for trading. You can customize your own or opt for one from the marketplace. There is a variety on offer, with pricing either having a monthly fee, a profit-sharing model, or some that are also free to use.
DCA botsDollar Cost Averaging bots help traders minimize risk by laddering in/out of trades and opting for a better entry/exit price. There are over 500 DCA bots in the marketplace.
Arbitrage botsBuys and sells assets to profit from changes in the asset price. The strategy takes advantage of variations in price differences in a given asset across markets and trading pairs.
Slicing botsThese help traders lower trading costs by reducing the slippage on larger orders. They help traders divide larger orders into multiple smaller fractional orders to gain a more competitive overall entry price.

OKX stands out as having some of the best AI bots for crypto trading that actually provide results metrics. OKX has helped traders to gain over $222 million in crypto trading bot earnings.


  • Wide range of trading bots to choose from
  • Pre-set bots from the marketplace provide success rate and results metrics
  • OKX is a well-established top-tier crypto exchange


  • Bot profit and loss stats can quickly change in volatility

4. ByBit – Aurora AI Zone picks the best-performing crypto trading bots of the last seven days

The third largest crypto exchange by trading volume, ByBit is a global cryptocurrency exchange that offers a comprehensive suite of crypto trading services, from spot to derivatives trading. The platform is well-established and popular among futures traders due to its higher leverage.

The platform offers a comprehensive range of crypto trading bots that assist traders in making smarter, hands-free trades. It offers fewer strategy bots than other platforms but covers more token types. Its range is designed to capitalize on specific market conditions and investment objectives.

What’s unique about ByBit is that its trading bots incur no additional fees. The trading fees are based on the status of your ByBit account and are calculated only once orders are filled and settled successfully.

ByBit‘s trading bots can be used by traders of all skill levels. For less experienced traders, ByBit offers an auto-fill function to create a crypto trading bot with pre-configured parameters easily.

AI automated crypto bot marketplace on ByBit
AI Aurora Zone | ByBit

A spotlight feature of ByBit is its backtest recommendations, called the Aurora AI Zone. This provides AI recommendations on the best-performing trading bots on the ByBit marketplace via backtesting. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Aurora AI generates and recommends 18 sets of trading bot strategies.


  • No additional fees to use bots
  • Well-established crypto exchange
  • AI integration


  • Low variety of bots compared to other platforms

5. Binance – Wide variety of pre-set trading bots on the world’s largest crypto exchange

Binance is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume. It offers the widest variety of tokens on the market and top-tier automation features to match.

Binance’s crypto trading bot offering is quite extensive, with Spot Grid, Futures Grid, Arbitrage Bot, Rebalancing Bot, and Algo Order automated trading bots. Individual traders can create and customize these bots.

Binance Crypto Trading Bot Marketplace
Crypto bots marketplace | Binance

For users seeking pre-set trading bots, Binance offers an extensive marketplace for Spot Grid and Futures Grid crypto trading bots. You can narrow down options and filter the search by trading pairs, runtime, and ROI.

A particularly handy feature is that for each trading bot, Binance displays the number of users actually copying the bot, the minimum required investment, and the current profit and loss figures.

Key features:

Intuitive automationWith TWAP, VP algos, and Grid trading, you can set up a personalized algorithmic bot and automate orders with a few clicks.
Trending strategiesTraders can replicate and customize the most profitable Grid Trading strategies across a wide range of crypto trading pairs.
Deep liquidityAdequate liquidity allows you to optimize order execution and reduce slippage, capture market trends, and minimize settlement issues.


  • Largest crypto exchange worldwide
  • Extensive range of token pairs
  • Deep liquidity with quick settlement


  • It may be restricted in some regions

6. BitGet – Trading bots for specific market conditions that are free to use

BitGet is a cryptocurrency exchange with over 800 different crypto coins listed on the platform. The platform attracts over $1.3 billion in trading volume daily and offers automated trading crypto bots.e

The platform offers five primary types of AI crypto trading bots: Spot Grid, Futures Grid, DCA, CTA-AI, and AI trading bots.

You can filter the search to choose the desired market scenario, whether sideways, bullish, or bearish. BitGet also has a selection of recommended AI bots that you can start with.

BitGet crypto trading bots marketplace
Trading bot marketplace | BitGet

A highlight of Bitget’s trading bots page is the coverage of weekly top bot picks. Bitget spotlights bots with a good seven-day performance and details the last trades, running time, buyers’ investment amount, minimum required investment, and the number of sales.

BitGet’s trading bots are completely free to use and do not incur additional fees. The only fee is a transaction fee, which is typical and consistent with BitGet’s spot and futures trading fee structure.

Key features:

Trader communityJoin the community to meet and share insights with like-minded traders from around the world.
AI IntegrationAI crypto trading bots assist traders who wish to use pre-set parameters rather than create their own bots.
Top weekly picksBitget posts in-depth insight into the best-performing AI crypto trading bots of the week


  • Completely free to use all bots
  • Tailored bots to specific market conditions
  • Wide selection of trading pairs


  • Create a bot available for only 30 cryptos
  • No way to adjust the pre-set bots

7. 3Commas – Dedicated AI crypto trading bots provider with a range of options

3Commas is a cloud based trading bot provider that has become widely used by cryptocurrency traders, developing a loyal consumer base. The platform provides a user-friendly interface that is simple to use and does not comprise functionality and user experience. Its user-friendly interface makes it a plausible choice for both novice and experienced traders.

The platform offers the best variety of AI crypto trading bots, compatible across several of the leading top-tier crypto exchanges, such as Coinbase, OKX, Kraken, Binance, and Bybit. 3Commas also offers crypto trading bots for specific tokens, such as the Ripple Bot, Ethereum Bot, and Dogecoin Bot.

Its primary pre-set crypto bots are:

  • DCA Bot – This bot focuses on Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) and invests in a currency at set intervals, aiming to ‘ladder in’ on the entry price and mitigate volatility.
  • Grid Bot – Grid Bot executes complex and repetitive trades in sideways coin markets. It works around the clock, finding smaller opportunities more frequently.
  • Signal Bot – This bot is more geared towards TradingView users. It uses webhooks to turn alerts from TradingView indicators, Java/Python scripts, and sentiment analysis tools into executed orders.

Key features:

Social trading featureYou can follow and copy the trades of successful, experienced traders, leveraging their strategies and expertise.
BacktestingBots have powerful backtesting features to test and refine strategies before actually deploying into live markets.
Automated Trading3Commas provides quite a large variety of crypto trading bots with various automated trading strategies.


  • User-friendly interface and experience
  • Offers a free trial
  • Wide range of exchanges supported


  • Some users reported issues with API connectivity

Best crypto bot comparison table

PlatformAI Integration?Free plan?Mobile app?Educational resources?Asset classes available
AltIndexYesYesNoNoStocks, ETFs, Crypto
AvaTradeNoYesYesYesStocks, ETFs, Indices,
Commodities, Currencies, Bonds
3CommasYesYes (free trial)NoYesCrypto

What is crypto AI trading software?

AI-driven crypto trading bots can assist traders in implementing strategies and executing them without the need for human intervention.

AI trading software can be customized or used with pre-set parameters. It follows technical strategy indicators that adhere to a set of specific rules under given market conditions. Some of the best AI crypto trading bots are free to use; however, paid plans will be available, offering access to premium features.

The pros and cons of AI crypto trading


  • Hands-free trading: AI trading bots provide a hands-free trading experience without the need for human intervention. Traders must simply activate the bot to run, and it can place trades on their behalf around the clock.
  • Automated strategies: By utilizing AI crypto trading bots, you can implement automated trading strategies without the need to chart and manually apply technical indicators. This helps traders have automated systems that can trade under different conditions.
  • Follow market trends: AI-integrated trading bots, such as Aurora AI, can assist in identifying the strategy that will most likely succeed in the given market climate.


  • Market volatility: Quick and abrupt changes in market conditions could throw the AI crypto trading bot off and cause it to make bad trades.
  • Still need oversight: AI crypto trading bots will still require oversight and human intervention when adjusting their parameters. Crypto markets are volatile, and token prices can pump or dump in minutes. It is unclear how the AI crypto trading bot would handle these scenarios.


Our research process includes consultation with several in-house cryptocurrency and investment experts with more than a decade of combined experience. Our team created a shortlist, and we then analyzed each platform offering AI crypto trading bots, the online sentiment, and user opinions online. This ensures multiple aspects of a product are scrutinized when determining its quality.


Is there an AI crypto trading bot?

Yes, several platforms have AI-integrated crypto trading bots. Some platforms use AI only to highlight a selection of the week's best-performing bots, as is the case with Aurora AI.

How much is an AI trading bot?

Some of the leading crypto exchanges offer free AI crypto trading bots, while others have subscription-based models. Some platforms allow you to rent an AI crypto trading bot for a fixed price and set amount of time.

Does coinbase have AI bots?

Coinbase does not have AI crypto trading bots. However, you can rent or purchase a bot from elsewhere and connect it to your Coinbase trading account to execute trades on your behalf.