Commercial Steam Cleaner Changes The Game In Cleaning Industry

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In recent years, the steam cleaning market has experienced a large swell in value, likely due to the rising popularity of its use both domestically and commercially; it is expected to continue at a consistent rate of growth equivalent to 6% per year. This rise in popularity is thought to be attributed to the want of consumers for a higher standard of sanitation in the areas of their businesses and homes that face heavily recurrent use.

As is occurring with almost all industries on a global scale, as a result of the current sustainability influence on the cleaning industry, many users desire a cleaning technique that is ecologically-sound and environmentally-friendly; a function that steam cleaning is perfect for. There are a large quantity of steam cleaning options available to consumers, making it more important than ever to be aware of how to choose the best option for yourself.

What Is Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning’s use for commercial cleaning travels back over 150 years, but recent technological developments in the industry have thrown it into the limelight; steam cleaning is now a vital part of all businesses’ cleaning arrangements. But what exactly is commercial steam cleaning?

Steam cleaners apply pressured steam to liquify the grease and debris that might be present on a surface so as to allow for them to be removed with a mop or vacuum where they otherwise wouldn’t. Industrial steam cleaners raise the boiling point of water with pressure to create a form of steam reaching temperatures up to 170 degrees celsius.

At this point the steam is hot enough to dissolve dirt without contributing additional water to the mix, thereby cleaning and sterilising the area without the need for potentially toxic chemicals. The machines required for this process have since become portable, allowing for cleaning on-the-go where required. Dry steam can be used in conjunction with a vacuum cleaner for the deep cleaning of carpets.

Why Has It Grown In Popularity?

Commercial steam cleaners have been experiencing ever-increasing rises in popularity each year, for a plethora of reasons. Firstly, since steam cleaners are able to pierce surfaces and clean crevices that would have previously gone uncleaned, they are much more effective than normal washing as a cleaning method.

With the way in which COVID-19 has hijacked the world over the past two years, the capability of steam to combat viral infections has been realised. Moreover, steam cleaning has been documented as a verified way to fight the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

With the approval of sustainability efforts becoming so widespread, it is important for businesses to effectively manage how they dispose of their waste. For example, the chemicals which can be found in the water in waste can be extremely detrimental to the environment. Since these steam cleaners use such a tiny percentage of water, they are able to provide a similarly high level of sanitisation without chemicals, thus creating little harmful waste.

How Fortador Is Pioneering The Industry

With the release of the new Fortador Plus ‘best in class’ commercial steam cleaner, its titular creator is pioneering the industry. Their new product provides a professional steam cleaning experience alongside appropriate all-in-one features, creating an overall highly capable cleaning product.

This PRO Plus operates at a pressure of 16 bars / 232 PSI, this gives the optimal steam pressure to successfully eliminate various forms of dirt, stains and bacteria. Further, given that it produces up to 363 pounds of steam per hour, it is perfect for a high-volume cleaning business.

Another feature that is unique to this product at the forefront of the industry is the three guns it is equipped with: two steam guns and an additional hose gun for shampooing and extraction via vacuum. These allow the product to work more efficiently than its competitors as all three operators can work concurrently with the unit.

Closing Statement

On balance, Fortador’s product has revolutionised the cleaning industry. Commercial steam cleaning has experienced much wider reception in recent years due to a variety of factors. 

There are many options to choose from when considering a steam cleaner to improve your business or home’s hygiene regimes, but Fortador’s definitely deserves your attention.

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