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Nolan Bauerle, director of Research, Coindesk, sat down with Raul Panganiban for our latest session of Valuetalks. In the latest podcast, Nolan discuss the basics of bitocoin, blockchain, and the nature of the evolving industry.

1:29 How did you get started in blockchain and cryptocurrencies? What inspired you?

3:26 What is blockchain and what are cryptocurrencies?

5:05 What is the blockchain?

8:05 What is the difference between bitcoin, Ethereum and all the others popping up?

9:43 What are smart contracts?

9:58 What are initial coin offerings?

13:20 What gives the cryptocurrencies value?

17:17 From the investor’s perspective, how should they approach investing in cryptocurrencies?

24:34 How can blockchain be applied to other industries?

28:23 What are the common misconceptions?

31:35 What is the investor’s beginning guide to get into this space?

35:01 What are the trends and future for cryptocurrencies?

41:40 What is coindesk and what do you guys do?

52:33 What are your favorite books?

53:43 Do you have any mentors in this space?

56:15 Where can we find more information on you?

the kinds of topic covered, it was a good one. Nolan provides a unique perspective

Enjoy and thanks for the listen!

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