California Is The Most Crypto-Ready State – Study Reveals

California Is The Most Crypto-Ready State – Study Reveals
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The USA is one of the most crypto-ready countries in the world, but a new study can today reveal the most crypto-ready states, with California emerging as the most prepared for cryptocurrency use.

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New research from Crypto Head has analysed measures including the number of crypto ATMs in each state, their accessibility, state legislation regarding cryptocurrencies, and the number of online searches for crypto to reveal which states are the most ready for the adoption of cryptocurrency.

You can find the results here:

The Most Crypto-Ready States

Rank State Annual searches per 100,000 people Search increase Crypto ATMs Crypto ATMs per 100,000 people Crypto ATMs per 10,000 sq mi Number of crypto bills Total score/10
1 California 977 10.1% 2,473 6.3 159 0 5.72
2 New Jersey 912 11.7% 771 8.7 1,048 3 5.44
3 Texas 709 20.9% 2,396 8.3 92 3 5.28
4 Florida 804 10.2% 1,999 9.3 373 1 5.03
5 New York 934 -1.5% 181 0.9 38 8 4.29
6 Illinois 744 10.2% 1,064 8.4 192 3 4.20
7 Massachusetts 781 12.7% 528 7.6 677 1 4.13
8 Georgia 795 17.7% 873 8.2 152 0 3.78
9 Connecticut 718 11.8% 334 9.4 690 0 3.76
10 Rhode Island 736 18.2% 64 6.0 619 2 3.73
  1. California: 5.72/10 Crypto-Ready Score

California is the most prepared state to adopt cryptocurrency for mainstream use. It has the most annual searches for ‘crypto’ of all states between 2020-2021 with 977 people per 100,000 searching for this term. These searches have even increased 10% on the previous year suggesting its residents are the most keen to become involved in cryptocurrencies. It also has the most crypto ATMs in the entire country which equates to 6 ATMS per 100,000 people.

  1. New Jersey: 5.44/10 Crypto-Ready Score

New Jersey’s residents appear just as keen as California’s as it had the third most searches for crypto, totalling 912 people per 100,000 searching for this. It has 1,048 crypto ATMs per 10,000 sq mi, which eclipses all other states by a country mile - Connecticut, the state just behind, has 690. It also has the sixth highest number of crypto ATMs per 100,000 people averaging nearly 9 ATMs per 100,000 people. It’s one of the few states with multiple crypto-related regulation as three bills have currently passed pertaining to crypto use and ownership.

  1. Texas: 5.28/10 Crypto-Ready Score

Texas ranks in third place as it scores well for a number of metrics. It has the second highest number of crypto ATMs with 2,396 across the state, which equates to eight per 100,000 people. This also ranks it eighth place for the number of crypto ATMs per 100,000 people. It ties with the likes of New Jersey in fifth place for its number of crypto-related bills, behind New York, Wyoming, Kentucky and North Dakota as three bills have passed thus far.

Key points:

  • Vermont is the only state with no crypto ATMs.
  • California has the highest number of annual searches per 100,000 people for crypto.
  • South Dakota has the highest search increase for people Googling the term crypto, jumping 62.3%.
  • West Virginia has the most crypto ATMs per 100,000 people totalling nearly 19 per 100,000.
  • New Jersey has the highest number of crypto ATMs per sq mi averaging 1,048 per 10,000 sq mi which is exceedingly higher than the second highest state, Connecticut, with 690.
  • New York has the most comprehensive laws with currently eight crypto-related bills passed.
  • 19 states currently have no legislation at all.

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