Automatically Toggle Android Device WiFi Based On Your Location

Automatically Toggle Android Device WiFi Based On Your Location

WiFi, if used properly, can help reduce data charges on your smartphone or tablet. If you are in a WiFi hotspot, be it your home, office, cafe, or any other place, then you can turn ON WiFi and save some bucks. But sometimes you may forget to toggle OFF the WiFi connection and it drains the battery. But now we have a new Android app, known as Smart WiFi Toggler, which can come to your rescue.

Automatically Toggle Android Device WiFi Based On Your Location

Smart WiFi Toggler is really smart. It automatically learns about the locations of WiFi hotspots that you frequently connect to and then remembers that hotspot. When you approach to any known WiFi networks, this app turns on WiFi automatically and when you leave that location, it will turn OFF the WiFi.

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Because it smartly manages your WiFi networks, it not only saves battery, but also time and effort that you would normally waste to do such tasks. To determine the location, it uses your device’s network location and not your GPS. This means that your battery juice won’t drain much, compared to using GPS to determine the location.

This app automatically trains itself and remembers your commonly used networks and therefore it doesn’t require much effort to configure it. Whenever your device is in a known hotspot, it can auto-connect to that hotspot.

The app also displays warning notifications when a hotspot is down. It turns off WiFi when disconnected from the WiFi network.

Smart WiFi Toggler is a free app that can be downloaded from Google Play Store. It surely is a must try for those who frequently use WiFi at different places.

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