Apple’s Siri: The ‘Best Phone Ever’ is The Nokia Lumia 900

Apple’s Siri: The ‘Best Phone Ever’ is The Nokia Lumia 900
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Apple’s Siri: The 'Best Phone Ever’ is The Nokia Lumia 900

When the personal assistant software on the iPhone 4S is asked to locate the greatest Smartphone ever, it will tell you to check out the Lumia 900, made by Nokia.

Siri, it seems is asking us to turn to the Lumia 900 if we want to find the greatest Smartphone ever. This is quite amusing since the iPhone 4S is basically referring us to a rival device, when asked what is the best handset ever.

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The Lumia is a great phone, and the response from Siri has had a lot of reactions from both Nokia and Microsoft fans and users.

However, the response from Siri to the question which is the better Smartphone ever is not because the virtual personal assistant thinks that the Apple phone is inferior. The response is due to the fact that Siri gets its answers from WolframAlpha. To prove this, asking the same question from the site-What is the best Smart phone ever?” gives the same answer.

The Lumia 900, from AT&T is recommended by WolframAlpha based on reviews from users who total just four, and they each give a score of 5. The site also gives other details on the phone giving its features, price, comparisons and even dimensions.

The list from WolframAlpha does not even include the iPhone itself, and the list has almost all mobile phones, which are rated by users on the site. Other phones that were listed in the top ten include three other Lumia phones and the HP touchpad that was discontinued and coincidentally is not even a phone- it is a tablet.

This is not the first time that Siri’s flaws have been brought to light. In November last year, it was found that Siri could not be able to answer questions on abortion clinics and birth control. It referred us to pregnancy crisis centers. However, the PA could be able to give us answers on where to get local escort services, and even sex.

Apple said that such omission and flaws on Siri were to be expected because the personal assistant was currently in beta mode and it was still being tested. Therefore, improvements to Siri will be made in the final product.

Currently, Siri is only found in the iPhone 4S, but we will be expecting that subsequent iPhones will have an improved Siri version.

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