Apple Watch Series 3: A Smartwatch Plus Fitness And Health Tracker

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The next gen Apple Watch Series 3 could be a huge leap for the Cupertino-based outfit if current company acquisitions are any indication. However, while, the purchasing of businesses with interesting ideas that can further its goals is nothing new. CNBC has indicated that it thinks one of Apple’s latest is especially significant for its smartwatch.

Apple Watch Series 3 – A Fitness And Health Tracker?

While the notion of a smartwatch that monitors your heart rate, how many steps you take, and more is not new. Apple’s App Store is full of applications which can help a user keep a somewhat rudimentary eye on their health. As such its was recently kept under wraps by Apple that it had purchased the company behind one of the most popular sleep tracker apps available.

Called Beddit, its app, when paired with an iPhone or iPad, has a device which slips under the bed covers. This enables the app to watch over your sleep quality, monitor heart rate, record breaths, and track snoring. All of which is aimed at giving the user an idea of what may be affecting them while sleeping.

As for why Apple, loves the company behind the app, it’s the actionable data the app provides. All of the information collected enables a user to understand what factors are causing it to display negative results. As such, action can be taken to put those right and increase health in the long term.

Silence From Apple

Surprisingly, while the fact that this move by the tech giant could mean that the Apple Watch Series 3 becomes a fully functional fitness and health tracker. It has chosen to remain silent about its purchase of Beddit. However, it has made moves which indicate the features of the app could one day soon be incorporated into an Apple Watch Series 3 smartwatch. And that is to remove all details of Beddit’s smartwatch apps from its website.

However, this wasn’t the action which tipped off CBNC to make this announcement for the two companies. It was in fact, Beddit itself that revealed the information within its own privacy policy. Apparently, it reads as follows:

“Beddit will collect, use, and disclose information obtained through the app, in accordance with the Apple Privacy Policy.”

A Future Fitness And Health Tracker

Apple is clearly looking to position itself within the growing and hugely lucrative health fitness and health tracking market. While still improving on and maintaining the Apple Watch Series 3’s profile as a future smartwatch. The problem is, no one really knows what exactly Apple’s plans are for the technology.

Yes, the company has been on record as saying, it wants a WatchOS app that is capable of capturing heart rate and breathing data. However, it’s how it will incorporate that alongside the health app, that has people talking. It’s best not to look to past health features that were bundled into the second generation Watch as an indication.

Why? Adding Beddit’s app features and developer skill sets to Apple’s team may completely change what is on offer, Probably, making the Apple Watch Series 3 a smartwatch that can truly deliver more actionable health orientated data.

Would the Apple Watch Series 3, be a much-improved proposition with improved fitness and health tracker capabilities? Come and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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