Apple To Launch iPad Mini Soon For $249-$299 [RUMOR]

Apple To Launch iPad Mini Soon For $249-$299 [RUMOR]
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Apple To Launch iPad Mini Soon For $249-$299 [RUMOR]

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We’ve got yet another rumor regarding Apple’s alleged iPad mini tablet. This new report comes from Chinese website MyDrivers and it basically echoes previous reports.

The article speculated that the new iPad mini will feature 7.85 inch IGZO LCD display and a thinner design than the current model. This small tablet will retail somewhere between $249 to $299, a price that’s low for Apple.  There are several industry watchers that think a lower-priced Apple tablet could easily crush competition from lower-priced Android tablets from Google, many of which are already having a hard time competing with the original.

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Brian White from Topeka Capital Markets speculated the iPad mini will arrive this fall.

If the iPad Mini is indeed in the works, that’s a good thing for Apple. My only concern for this rumored tablet computer is the lack of features. For instance, the iPad Mini doesn’t feature some of the key features that makes the Apple tablet so popular like a Retina Display or quality camera. Granted, it might cost Apple more to create a smaller device with premium features but you’d still think that they would enhance the device with more desirable features. Even their current iPod Touch model(which is essential a miniature tablet if you think about it) has impressive features like HD video recording and Retina Display.  Of course it’s important to note that this rumor is just that a rumor. And if Apple is really in the process of creating an iPad Mini, I’m pretty sure that it’s going more exciting than reports are letting on.

Will the iPad Mini prevail over popular low-priced Android tablets like the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook? I’m not too sure. If people want an iPad, they will shell out the price for a full-sized version with all the bells and whistles. Besides, if people want a smaller version of the iPad, I’m sure they would just buy an iPhone.




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