Apple Stock Rises 50% In The Five Months After Steve Job’s Death

Apple Stock Rises 50% In The Five Months After Steve Job’s Death
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Apple Stock Rises 50% In The Five Months After Steve Job's Death

Despite investor worries and uncertainty over Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL)  future in the wake of Steve Job’s death last October the company’s stock has risen by 50% since the founder’s death. Steve Jobs was seen as the company’s leading light and visionary during his lifetime.Although Steve Jobs had retired earlier in the year and had take a reportedly less active role in the running of the company, observers were nervous that Apple would fall into disarray without him. Jobs Founded the Company in 1976 and was credited for revitalising the company after his return as CEO in 1996.

Since his death the company has been led by Tim Cook who debuted the iPhone 4s the day after Jobs Death. Cook was credited with stopping Apples manufacturing business and helping turn the company into a design giant. With the help of other legacy Apple employees, most notably Jonathon Ive who was lead in designing the iPad, iPhone and iOS for the company. Apples current leaders are those who have worked under Steve Jobs for some time and have clearly learned from his philosophy. The market has agreed with where they’re going. The company’s new iPad will be released later this month into a market they already control with the former iteration of that product. The company reported a profit of $13 billion in first quarter. Those numbers will certainly not disappoint. The company’s forward momentum has shown no sign of slowing down.

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There have been some worries concerning new product launches and competition in the future. Apple’s new OSX, dubbed Mountain Lion, has received mixed reviews from critics hoping to see a more revolutionary software. Microsoft is gaining critic’s traction with its new Windows 8 which is in consumer preview right now. Despite challenges the company is the market leader in the Tablet market and has recently pipped Samsung to become the world’s largest smartphone provider.

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