Apple iPhone 6S Event: How And Where To Watch The Live Stream

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Apple has announced that it will hold its next major unveiling event on September 9 in San Francisco, California. Although the consumer electronics giant is yet to confirm precisely what will be discussed at this major event, it is almost certain that the San Francisco dates will herald the emergence of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

These will be incredibly important device releases for Apple, considering that the share price of the corporation has slumped significantly in recent weeks. Apple is expecting the iPhone 6s to perform superbly and get the corporation back on track, and has reportedly ordered 90 million units to be manufactured by the end of the year with this goal in mind.

Ticketing for the San Francisco event also indicates that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 6s with a huge fanfare. The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium will be hosting this key event in the mobile marketplace, and Apple has reportedly made 7,000 seats available for this huge conference. This is more than double the number of attendees that has been possible for previous iPhone unveiling events, which suggests that this will truly be the biggest iPhone release in the history of the iconic smartphone.

With media and other important industry players dominating the invitations that have been sent out, it will be extremely difficult for fans of Apple to get hold of tickets. So, as usual, the millions of people wanting to follow this particular event will be reliant on the Internet to absorb the latest information on this Apple handset.

Where to watch the Apple iPhone 6s live steam

The first thing to note about the iPhone 6s event is that Apple is naturally live streaming the whole event on its own website. There have been occasional problems with other major Apple unveiling streams, but it seems over time that the consumer electronics giant has learned lessons from this and has upgraded the servers to a more reliable standard.

Thus, all users of Apple devices will be able to view the stream on September 9. This includes existing iPhone users, those surfing the Internet via the iPad tablet range, any MacBook laptop and iMac desktop users, and also those who utilize the Apple TV service. This will also be the first iPhone unveiling event for which it will be possible to view the entirety of the show via the new Apple Watch smartwatch.

Windows 10 users on board

One of the particularly interesting aspects about the iPhone 6s live streaming is that Apple has made the decision not to limit access to Apple users only. This has been a common policy of the corporation in previous years, with an Apple device requisite in order to access the official Apple life streams.

However, GeekWire has reported that for the first time in many years, Apple will enable Windows users to access this live streaming event as well. Ahead of a major unveiling events such as this, Apple releases a huge amount of small print intended to cover every possible legal angle, and eager eyes at the GeekWire publication have spotted one particular entry that makes this a unique occasion for Apple.

The small print indicates that it will be possible to utilize Microsoft’s new Edge browser to watch the live stream. This replacement for Internet Explorer is included in Windows 10, and this means that all Windows 10 users will be able to access the San Francisco event. At present, this would exclude a large amount of existing Windows users, as Edge is yet to be made available as a standalone product. The browser is integrated within Windows 10, but it is not yet possible for Windows 7 or Windows 8 users to download this software.

Apple has always claimed previously that the problem with Windows streaming is not due to any exclusion on its behalf. Apple’s Safari uses Apple’s own HTTP Live Streaming technology, which it has attempted to push as standard. But other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox have never adopted this standard within the software, and consequently there have always been compatibility problems previously.

But with the Microsoft Edge having adopted HTTP Live as a standard element of the software, it means that Apple can officially invite PC users to watch the upcoming event live for the first time. It seems clear that this is something that Apple will benefit from significantly, as naturally a large number of existing PC users also utilize the iconic iPhone series.

Other streaming options

Aside from the main Apple stream, other websites will also be offering a live video of the event. While Apple naturally promotes its own stream, it doesn’t object to these alternative media options, and these can provide an excellent opportunity for those locked out of the Apple stream. Although Apple will attempt to deliver the most powerful servers possible for this event, the vast demand for access will undoubtedly challenge the technological attempts of the corporation. So alternative options are always appreciated.

One of the best places to do this is via Ustream. Although other options will become available as the event grows nearer, this is one of the first media outlets to have announced live streaming of the event.

In addition, those acquainted with the video game streaming site Twitch would be advised to check out the streams on the day. With the iPhone 6s being considered a valid gaming device, it is quite probable that Twitch users will stream the Apple event live onto the social video gaming website. Although links are not currently available for this, they should become extremely prominent on September 9. And despite the popularity of Twitch, there is no doubt that there will be significantly fewer viewers on these streams that the official Apple feed; ensuring their stability.

With significantly improved specifications and the mooted inclusion of Force Touch in the iPhone 6s, this should be an extremely exciting smartphone, and an equally engaging event.

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