Apple Inc. Updated Health App Will Monitor Sexual Activity

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The Apple Health app for the iPhone will now let users keep count of the notches in their bedpost.

New tracking features are being added to Apple’s Health app, including an option for “sexual activity.” Users can choose to record the date and time of intercourse, as well as whether or not they used protection, according to the New York Post.

Sexual activity tracker included in iOS 9

The reproductive health features were not spoken to in any great detail during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, but were later found in developer versions of the company’s newly announced iOS 9 operating system.

Apple will not release iOS 9 to the general public until fall 2015, but the company sends it to certain developers before the general release. The new operating system includes a raft of updates, including new features for the Health app.

The app itself was launched last year on the promise that it would enable users to gain a wide range of insights into their health. The app can track a huge amount of data, from how many hours of sleep you get each night to the amount of copper you ingest over the course of a day.

Apple Health app’s “lady problem” addressed in update

Despite the huge range of features, one glaring omission was the lack of a menstrual tracker, which many Apple critics saw as a sign of a wider problem with awareness of female issues within the tech industry. Some critics went so far as to say that the Health app had a “lady problem.”

The updated Health app will now include a menstrual tracker alongside the aforementioned sexual activity tracker. The trend towards tracking an ever wider range of health-related data does not look like it will slow down anytime soon, and one has to wonder whether the new feature will lead to inflated figures to avoid damage to self-esteem.

It appears that the sexual activity tracker may be slightly underused among iPhone fans in Japan, where a recent report claims that 25% of men over 30 have never had sex. Perhaps they are too busy entering other data into their Health apps.

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