Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference Scheduled For June 11th

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Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference Scheduled For June 11th

Next month Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will host their Worldwide Developers Conference in San Fransico, California and we have a few the important details on the expo.

The event is scheduled for June 11th. The show will will start with a keynote presentation at 10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time.  The official schedule of events is already out and attendees can sign in via the Apple identification to access the schedule.

Unfortunately, most of the details about the key note speaker and the entire event are under wraps. Only attendees can log-in to access the information. Moreover, the WWDC released an iOS app with the entire schedule of events and other related resources. This innovative app also features news updates involving the conference, view detailed maps of the venue(Moscone West Convention Center) so you can locate certain rooms or labs, and photos from the conference.

It’s predicted that Tim Cook (chief executive officer of Apple) will be the key note speaker.

The WWDC is an annual conference in which Apple meets with developers to discuss future iOS developments, updates, and products.

I wished there was more information about the WWDC conference that was available to the public but I understand that this is an event that’s open exclusively to software and mobile developers. I also understand that they want to keep a lot of the important details and products under wraps but I wished that there was something extra for the rest of us.  As an Apple fan, I would love it if they would release some special video segments of the conference and publish it on YouTube or maybe an app of their own. I think its fair to say that most Apple fans feel left out. In the meantime, we can only wait to hear more about the conference as the weeks draw closer and catch up with the whole thing after it’s over.

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