Apple Store ‘Wake Up’ Protest: RIM Reportedly Responsible, Not Samsung

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Apple Store 'Wake Up' Protest: RIM Reportedly Responsible, Not Samsung

Few days back, there was a ‘Wake Up’  protest staged right outside a retail store of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). There is no strong proof on whether who incited the act, but many reports suggested Samsung to be the mastermind behind the protest until the company rejected their involvement by denying all the allegations.

Why Was Samsung Accused?

While there was no strong proof that leads to the planner of the Apple Store protest, investigations conducted by third parties indicated the involvement of an advertising agency known as Tongue, the ad agency appears to be one of the marketing arms of Samsung. That is why there were reports of Samsung being involved in the ‘Wake Up’ protest.

After Samsung denial, now there are several reports of RIM being involved with the last week’s anti-Apple event staged outside the Apple Store in Sydney, Australia.

According to Macworld Blog there is a strong evidence that the Blackberry manufacturers – Research In Motion Limited (TSE:RIM) might be behind the mysterious flash mob protest outside Apple Store.

First evidence is the Double-click account identifier “src=2215527;type=black822” which was found by looking through the source code of the ‘Wake Up website’s home page’. When you try to Google that SRC value, it will interestingly show you the result of Blackberry’s Australian website.

Secondly, the blog also revealed some interesting facts about the person who made the video of that ‘Wake Up’ protest.

The Macworld blog reported:

It’s also worth noting that Blunty, the lucky man who just happened to be at the Apple store to capture the video of the protesters, has worked with Blackberry in the past. He posted a three part glowing preview of the Blackberry Playbook in the lead up to its Australian launch.

Here are the videos:

What do you believe after reading and watching about it? Do you think RIM can go to this extent in order to achieve the benefit? Let’s wait for RIM’s official statement on these allegations to know the truth.

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