Apple Boasts Three Million Mountain Lion Downloads Within Four Days

Apple Boasts Three Million Mountain Lion Downloads Within Four Days

Apple Boasts Three Million Mountain Lion Downloads Within Four Days
In a recent press release, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) boasted three million downloads of their Mountain Lion operating system software. These downloads were delivered through the Mac App Store, in the first four days of it’s release. This is the most successful OS X release in history! Maybe MacBooks are coming back in fashion.

It’s important to point out that downloads don’t exactly equal sales.  There may have been a few customers who downloaded the software on multiple Mac devices. This report contrasts with last year’s press release for Mountain Lion, which reported sales of a million copies purchased and downloaded in one day.

What makes Mountain Lion so special? It features a wide array of impressive features like Facebook integration, Airplay Mirroring/Game Center, messages application, system-wide sharing, iCloud integration capabilities, and more.  Altogether, Mountain Lion has over 200 innovative features and it’s the ninth major release of the most advanced OS system in the world.

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The Mac App Store also offers a ton of useful and fun apps in categories like Lifestyle, Games, Entertainment, Education, Productivity, Utilities, and more. Unsurprisingly, this computer app store also happens to be the largest and fastest growing of it’s kind.

Does this report indicate a new and growing interest in traditional computers and laptops? Or is it something else? I’d make a guess that people are reuniting with their old computers. Perhaps they’ve grown a little tired of the novelty of mobile internet or maybe they’re looking for something a little more stable than something that could easily break or become lost.  This increase in downloads does not mean that people are completely forgetting about their iPads and iPhones, but it does show that we’ve still got a long way to go before computers are completely obsolete.

Another important factor to consider, is that Apple is trying to revive more interest in their line of Mac computers. For years now, much of their focus has been on the iPad and iPhone, it really was only a matter of time until they gave Mountain Lion some impressive improvements.  It’s a good thing that Apple isn’t forgetting about their faithful MacBook users, after all, it’s this group that will help them keep a steady stream of income when mobile trends change on a frequent basis. Apple is a smart company, they know how to balance out their products and software programs in a way that will only benefit the company.



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