Apple and Samsung CEOs Meet In Court to Discuss Patent Row

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Apple and Samsung CEOs Meet In Court to Discuss Patent Row
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On Monday, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s chief executive officer Tim Cook meets with Samsung’s CEO Choi Gee-sung for a court-mediated session in San Francisco in order to reach a mutual agreement over a patent-litigation. Both companies have accused each other of copyright infringement and they’re also in several other lawsuits with other companies from all over the world.

Apple  has accused Samsung of “slavishly” copying their products. The Cupertino-based company is known for creating cutting-edge electronics like iPhones and iPads. Samsung is a South Korean multi-national corporation that makes consumer electronics including smartphone and tablet computers as well as some of the components that make the products.

Unlike some mediation settlements, this one won’t involve attorneys. This time, they’re hoping for executives to work together and hopefully find a resolution faster. Magistrate Judge Joseph Spero will oversee the mediation. Should the companies not come to an agreement during the mediation session, the companies will go to a trial in San Jose later on this summer. Apple wants to start the trial as soon as possible in hopes of ending Samsung’s alleged selling of infringed products.

One executive of Samsung explained to Reuters that there is still a large gap with their competitor Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and that there is still a number of possible negotiation option with the most notable one being cross-licensing of patented inventions.

This mediation case could get interesting in the next few days. Apple isn’t likely to back down on an infringement litigation but since they’re trying to make a settlement with a company that’s one of their key suppliers, anything is possible. It’s too early to make a speculation, but since Apple has a strong history, it’s a real possibility that they’ll come out as a winner. Samsung had a number of injunctions filed in the past and that probably won’t work in its favor.

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