Apple CEO Tim Cook To Speak At All Things Digital

Apple CEO Tim Cook To Speak At All Things Digital
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Apple CEO Tim Cook To Speak At All Things Digital

Apple  has already has had an incredible level of success with their new CEO Tim Cook. Many would argue, however, that he has not really been tested at the head of the giant tech company or at least not in public. Whatever he’s been doing behind the scenes appears to be working but having launched no new products or a significant update to one in his tenure there are still questions about his leadership skills.

We know he revolutionized the companies supply chain when working under the late Steve Jobs. That management gave Apple their incredibly low cost base and rocketed them toward their global leadership in the mobile device world. We also know that he has presided over Apple during the companies two most important quarters ever. That’s not enough for the harsher critics however. We need something that we’ll be able to call his legacy.

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We may be given a glimpse of that when the executive speaks at the All things Digital Conference tomorrow. He will be interviewed on stage by Walt Mossberg. It will be the first glance we get of Tim out of his shell, and his element, everybody’s hoping he’ll use that opportunity to do something truly amazing and revealing.

Some people are speculating that the executive will unveil a new product at the conference. This could be quashed as pure hopeful rumor mongering as Apple has never revealed a major product outside of its own annual events and one of those is coming up on June 6th.

Others have however pointed out that Steve Jobs never revealed a major product outside of Apple events. Tim Cook may take the opportunity to break with the past during the event. One can hope.

Let’s wait and see what Tim Cook has to do tomorrow.

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