Alibaba Vows To Keep Mobile Strategy & Aliyun, Despite Google Pressures

Alibaba Vows To Keep Mobile Strategy & Aliyun, Despite Google Pressures Limited (HKG:1688), the largest e-commerce company in China, vowed to keep its mobile strategy and Aliyun operating system. According to the company it will not be pressured by the latest of move Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) in pressuring Acer to cancel the launching of CloudMobile A800 powered by its Aliyun OS as an alternative to the Android OS.

Alibaba Vows To Keep Mobile Strategy & Aliyun, Despite Google Pressures

According to the company, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) threatened to cancel Acer’s Incorporated (TPE:2353) license to use the Android OS, if it continues to launch the CloudMobile A800 after the Chinese company announced its objective to beat Android in the Chinese market. Zeng Ming, chief strategy officer for Limited (HKG:1688), explained that CloudMobile A800, powered by the Aliyun, was developed to provide a better user experience for consumers in China.

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In addition, Dave Chan, head of Acer’s smartphone business in China, explained that the company partnered with Alibaba in developing its CloudMobile A800, because its operating system offers a good experience for first-time smartphone users in the country.

On the other hand, Andy Rubin, vice president of mobile and digital content at Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), who oversees the development of the Android OS, explained that the Aliyun OS is an incomplete Android build. The Chinese company used the Android run time in developing its operating system, and it is not compatible with the Open Handset Alliance (OHA). Incompatibilities in developing apps for mobile devices using the Android platform are prohibited, because of the damage it will cause to consumers, developers, and the entire ecosystem.

John Spelich, vice president of international corporate affairs of Limited (HKG:1688), told TNW that it will continue its mobile strategy. According to him, the company will not modify its Aliyun OS, despite Google’s claims. Spelich said, “Aliyun plans to continue to grow in China, and we welcome discussions with any hardware company that wants a true alternative to Android.”  In addition, he said the company will release its new hardware, and Acer expressed its willingness to continue its partnership with Alibaba.

Furthermore, Spelich pointed out that Aliyun OS and Android are different. According to him, the Aliyun OS is an open ecosystem that allows others to host their mobile-enabled web sites in the Alibaba cloud, which is available to users who use Aliyun OS phones, while the Android is restricted and provides apps through downloads.

Meanwhile, Acer Incorporated (TPE:2353) expressed regret and apology to the media regarding the immediate cancellation of the scheduled press conference to launch its new smartphone. The company did not provide any detail regarding its negotiations with Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) ivolving the CloudMobile A800.  In a statement, the company said, “Acer Incorporated (TPE:2353) is committed to designing innovative products and services that enhance the user experience for our customers. This includes smartphones and cloud services, a combination of hardware and software, with internet services essential to raising Acer’s product values.”

The company further stated, “Acer Incorporated (TPE:2353) will continue working with its strategic partners in China to create improved products and service offerings, and looks forward to sharing the results of our win-win developments in the near future.”

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