AirPods: Worried About Losing Yours? Here’s A Solution

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Forgetting that Apple’s AirPods are a beautiful merger of plastic and technology for one moment, could you imagine losing one or both? Considering that they retail for $159, we reckon that thought would be a scary one. So we’ve taken to looking for those who have put them to the test. Will they stay or fall out during physical activity?

Will AirPods fall out?

Now that they’ve been on sale for a few days, it wasn’t difficult for us to find information about AirPods. It seems as though the entire iPhone user world is concerned about losing these new wireless headphones — so much so, that multiple tests have already been conducted.

One such test was conducted by Australian running enthusiast Daniel Garcia, who purchased his AirPods as soon as they went on sale at OZ. Then he decided to try them out straight away in various situations to see if they would stay in:

“So in my run today I sprinted, ran down and up a mountain, in the heat and wind and more. I filmed the process (and some sexy Hasselhoff slow-motion of course), and here it is with my review and thoughts at the end. Hope this helps the rest of you.”

The test

Now, we know what you’re thinking: “That’s not very scientific.” You’re correct, but Garcia did manage to see if they would fall out on different terrains at different running speeds, and he even took into account how hot or cold it was, discovering that almost nothing made them fall out. So to his mind, this means that Apple has created the AirPods with those into fitness in mind, meaning that they will probably stay in place in most circumstances.

One thing we should point out, however, is that Gracia isn’t the only person to positively review the AirPods. Many others have also found that they just don’t fall out. Check out his video below:

If other people’s experiences with the AirPods don’t sway your opinion and you’re still concerned about the possible loss of one or both, there are some solutions out there. However, some are a little drastic.

AirPods solution
Image Source: Andrew Cornett/ @amotion

Prevention is better than a cure

If you were seduced by all the “what if they fall out hype” before their release, it’s going to be difficult to change your mind, even with a mounting body of evidence to prove they don’t. But if you want pictures, look above, and you will see Andrew Cornett in an image he posted to Twitter. This shows his drastic solution to the possibility of his AirPods falling out.

It’s obvious that Andrew must have had ear piercings prior to buying the AirPods. Surely no one would put holes through their flesh just to secure an Apple product? It just so happens that the holes in his ears were big enough to secure his AirPods and, if nothing else, prevent them from falling and having to pay a possible $69 fee to replace one.

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We’re certainly not suggesting that you use this method to secure your wireless headphones. There are some much more mundane solutions available, such as theSpigen AirPod Straps. For less than $10, they are a solution we advise you check out before resorting to much more drastic action.

Do you have a solution of your own? Please share it with us in the comments section below.

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